Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 23

Long day was WAAAAAAAY long, and WAAAAAAAAY tiring, but I can look back on it with joy, so it's all good!  We took the girls down to Syracuse over what appeared to be unplowed snowy roads, in a freezing cold car, so Lia could meet up with one of her favorite unschooling friends and hang out at DestinyUSA for a several hours!  She even got to do some cool climbing at the Canyon Climb Adventure Ropes Challenge Course and we finished the evening with a fun dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet!

But when we got home, I got right to work...
  • √ French lesson on Duolingo
    Silly typos made me have to restart my lesson.  Also, I did not know what lourd meant and when they asked me over & over to translate that this or that was HEAVY, I kept getting it wrong because I would use gros/grosse! >.<

  • Call someone
    We were out most of the day, not getting home until late, so I never had the chance to call anyone on the phone.

  • √ Draw a rabbit
    Ooo... not too good, but I was soooper tired.  It's a sketch of a leetle ceramic figurine I have on the shelf above my desk..

    Click to embiggen...

    This is what my drawings look like before I clean them up!  XD

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