Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day 2, Journaling

Wow. She really hit the nail on the head with this one... I don't think it was ever specifically said, but there was always the implication that *art* was not a career. Teacher, doctor, lawyer, scientist... but artist? You can't support yourself doing that. Well you can, but you have to go to school for it. And I almost did, but when I was considering it, I had a friend who was, and I saw his course work, and there was tons of memorizing paintings and artists' styles (Art History) and the professor was SO HARD... So I didn't.

Now I know I don't *have* to go to school, but I still feel awkward and self-deprecating about my own art. Oh it's nothing... Anyone can do this... I have no training...

Anyway... the actual prompt is:
Do you shy away from calling yourself an artist? If so, what do you think makes someone else an artist and not you? What are some ways that you can start today to outwardly reflect your inner artist? Name three people who you would be comfortable sharing your creative work and projects with.

I believe I have answered the first few questions. I don't know about outwardly reflecting my inner artist (she mentioned clothing in her post)... I can certainly dress more like myself. I used to dress differently, then slowly more conservatively, and now, I have my professional work wardrobe (all potential job interview clothes, and clothes appropriate for teaching), and jeans and tees. Blah.

I want to wear more skirts & dresses, and more color, and less conservative dammit! Anyway, that has nothing to do with how I feel about Me as an Artist.

Three people to share my work with? In person? Well obviously Jacqueline, and probably my mother, and Mykel. But there is my whole LJ friends list and anyone can see my stuff on dA. Sure I don't upload everything, but an awful lot... So I guess that's not too bad, eh?

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