Saturday, August 31, 2013

52-Week Photo Challenge

Tomorrow will be our first prompt, but before we get started, I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about what we'll be doing.

As I mentioned, on Sunday mornings, I will be posting a prompt here with my photo as an example. During the week, take some time to play with the prompt, and then share your favorite photo in our flickr group: BunnyKissd's 52-Week Photo Challenge. Here are some rules about the group:
  • It is open to the public.
  • Group members will be allowed to post 1 photo per week. (Additional photos *should* be able to be added as a comment if you desire (flickr keeps changing things!), or you may link to them in your description.)
    ETA: Please post as often as you'd like. I know some folks would like to play "ketchup" and do several weeks at once; so have at it! ^-^
  • Photos should be appropriately moderated as “safe” according to flickr's safety and content filters. ("Content suitable for a global, public audience")

You are not required to edit your photo (but you can if you want), and you don't have to have a fancy camera (heck, you could even use your cell phone!). Here are some things you do need:
  • A digital camera with which to take your photos.
  • A computer with internet to share your photos.
  • A flickr account in order to join our group.
  • And a desire to improve your photography!
If you'd like, I've created a button for you to add to your blog! This first one measures 300x300, but you can adjust it down to 150x150 without too much distortion; just copy & paste the text in the box to your blog, and change the width and height numbers to the box size you desire, between 150 & 300. Make sure to keep them both the same!

This one measures 125x125. Because of it's small size, I don't recommend resizing. As with the larger, just copy & paste the text in the box to your blog.

If you have any problems adding these, don't hesitate to ask for help, and I'll do my best to walk you through it. ^-^

Finally, if you'd like to get a weekly reminder in your email, please click here to sign up and watch your inbox tomorrow morning! ETA: The twice-weekly reminders have been cancelled.

For more posts about the 52-Week Photo Challenge, you can click here or see each post individually here:
  1. Week 1: Self-Portrait
  2. Week 2: Yellow
  3. Week 3: Where You Sit
  4. Week 4: Lunch
  5. Week 5: Square
  6. Week 6: Orange
  7. Week 7: Animal
  8. Week 8: Landscape
  9. Week 9: Circles
  10. Week 10: Portrait
  11. Week 11: Brown
  12. Week 12: Macro
  13. Week 13: Older
  14. Week 14: Action
  15. Week 15: Red
  16. Week 16: 15-15-15
  17. Week 17: Child
  18. Week 18: Still Life
  19. Week 19: Dinner
  20. Week 20: Black & White
  21. Week 21: Rectangles
  22. Week 22: White
  23. Week 23: Reflections
  24. Week 24: Hearts
  25. Week 25: Love
  26. Week 26: Pink
  27. Week 27: Breakfast
  28. Week 28: Three
  29. Week 29: Green
  30. Week 30: Distant
  31. Week 31: Close
  32. Week 32: Triangle
  33. Week 33: Grey
  34. Week 34: Sky
  35. Week 35: Five
  36. Week 36: Negative Space
  37. Week 37: Cloud
  38. Week 38: TBA
  39. Week 39: TBA
  40. Week 40: TBA
  41. Week 41: TBA
  42. Week 42: TBA
  43. Week 43: TBA
  44. Week 44: TBA
  45. Week 45: TBA
  46. Week 46: TBA
  47. Week 47: TBA
  48. Week 48: TBA
  49. Week 49: TBA
  50. Week 50: TBA
  51. Week 51: TBA
  52. Week 52: TBA


  1. Passing this along to my photo people today! I may join as well, although I'm not sure I'll be able to pull off all 52 weeks...but I'll try :)

    1. You rock! No worries if you don't, pick the ones that sound fun!


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