Sunday, February 16, 2014

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 25

Hello again! How was your Valentine's Day weekend? I hope it's been wonderful!

How did you all do with the HEARTS challenge? Hopefully you were able to find some... ^_^

So, in keeping with the same kind of theme, this week, our challenge is:
* L V E *

What do you LOVE? What does LOVE mean to you? Take some photos and share them with the group!

Click to embiggen!

Of course my photo is of our weekly Friday Night Family Dinner. Due to weather & health problems we haven't had one in a month or more! It was LOVELY to get together for our traditional individual heart-shaped pizzas and sit and talk for the evening.

I added several layers to my photo, including a nice red border & some hearts, to add some extra interest & color. You certainly don't have to do so much with your photo editing software -- if anything -- to get a nice photo. I can't wait to see how you interpret this challenge! I hope you'll share it with everyone at our flickr group!

And don't forget you can sign up for twice-weekly reminders via email by clicking right here and entering your email address!

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