Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 29 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

29. Draw Anything You'd Like

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Definitely not finished, but I am terrified I'm going to mess her up when I start lining her...  I mean I already somehow got water on the page and buckled it.  I've no idea where the water even came from... -_-  Will edit when I finish!

Day 28 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

28. Draw Someone You Love

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ANT-MONSTER!  I was going to draw Jacqueline, but I did already draw her once or twice or so for this, and then Antonio woke up.  He has this habit of growling when he first wakes up before he gets his coffee - yes in a big ol' cup... ^-^ And yes, I love him very much.

I was trying for a caricature-cartoony-type of drawing and got more realism than I wanted.  It's still wonky and I need so much more practice with the markers!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 22 to 27 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

22. Draw Something You Want

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Long colorful hair, feeling pretty & healthy, but mostly JOY...

23. Draw Something You Miss
After drawing this, I decided not to post it.  Like a smoker misses smoking, sometimes you miss things that just aren't good for you.

24. Draw Something You Need

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Showers of money right into my bank account please...  XD

25. Draw a Couple

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Two Peas in a Pod!  ^o^

26. Draw Scenery

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I've been wanting to draw a tree on a hill for a long time now.  This one I left uncolored so I could color it digitally.  I'll post the finished product when it's done!

27. Draw Something You Don't Like

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Canned Asparagus.  Love it fresh, just don't like it canned. 

And may I comment just one more time about how I hate my scanner for messing up the colors so much...!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 21 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

21. Draw Something Orange

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Lia!  Her hair is orange and her tumblr name is orangeonthecob!  ^-^

And I truly hate what the scanner does to my chalks... >.<

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

20. Draw Something New

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The last thing I bought that wasn't food...  Smells *SO* good.... ^-^

Day 19 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

19. Draw Just a Doodle

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My signature jumping for joy bunny!

Day 18 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

18. Draw Your Favorite Plant

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I like a LOT of plants (roses, lilacs, basil, tomato, carrots, ivy, clover, grass, oaks...) but Grape Hyacinths always makes me smile...

I am amazed at how this turned out.  I used some markers that I hadn't really used much before and practically *painted* with them to get this look... So happy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 13-17 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

13. Draw Your Most Recent Accomplishment

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I know this seems a strange "accomplishment" but I feel a strange sense of pride about it.  You see I've never thought of myself as a salesman - Can't do sales!  Can't convince someone that they need something when I don't really think they do... - but I did it.  I sold this brush to a customer who had already put it back and earned myself some Reward points. 

14. Draw a Comic

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Since this challenge fell on Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a cheesy Valentine-themed comic.  I love this!  ^-^

15. Draw Your Favorite Fairy Tale

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Technically I don't have a favorite, but this is Jacqueline's favorite, so I chose to draw it for her...  it's not at all like I had envisioned it, but I still like it.

16. Draw a Family Picture

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I've done a few of these already, and this isn't my original idea, but I wound up with less time than I thought; so you get a Brady Bunch-style drawing.  LOL!  Some of these don't look anything like us... XD

17. Draw Your Inspiration

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My grandmother.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 12 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

12. Draw a Turning Point in Your Life

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When I first kissed Jacqueline... ♥

Erg... the scanner is messing up my colors again, and I need some new markers...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 11 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

11. Draw Your Favorite Candy

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Not necessarily chocolate rabbits per se, but definitely chocolate.  This was just a more interesting way to draw it... ^-^

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days 7-10 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

Well I bet you though I was slacking off!  Well, I was, but not on the drawing!  I've been too tired to scan & upload; so although I've been drawing, I've just not shared with you!  How selfish of me. So here are the days you've missed...

7. Draw Your Favorite Book

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Mine is Change by Ann Maxwell.  I read a LOT of books, and have a few favorite authors, but this book just struck a chord in me.  No big themes or anything like that, just a good story, with interesting characters and events.

I'm not 100% happy with this sketch, so it's rather unfinished.  There aren't a lot of descriptions of exactly what people wore and how they looked specifically, but I have ideas in my head and getting them on paper is something I've tried before and failed just as miserably.  I want Selena more voluptuous, and the Changling's face should be more human-like... and it's tail is supposed to be 15 feet long!  Anyway, I am closer with this image than before, and I think I might take this idea and move it into a digital image... mebbe when I get a chance with the newly-repaired pen tablet...

8. Draw Your Favorite Movie

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Again, I have lots of "favorite" movies, but Better Off Dead is one that I'll just pop in whenever I'm in the mood - at least a few times a year.  I currently only have it on a copied VHS and *really* need to get it on DVD.

I like this style of line art with the crosshatching to shade, but I'm not very good at it yet.  I also need to remember to draw in pencil first, even when doing the lettering.  I messed that up pretty bad...

Reference photos: here & here

9. Draw Your Favorite Animated Character

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Twilight Sparkle!  ^-^  I am infatuated with My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic and while I like Rainbow Dash & Rarity & Fluttershy an awful lot, I identify the most with Twilight Sparkle.  So I chose her.  But drawing ponies is too easy!  So I did what the kids used to (still?) do, and drew her human persona.  This is her first day in Ponyville, kinda awkward, shy, and nervous to be there, but still trying to smile.

Not getting along with my colored pencils much.  Mebbe it's just the smooth drawing paper.  I dunno.  They don't color the way I want them to.

10. Draw Your Favorite TV Show

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Wow did I ever mess this up.  I could not for the life of me get Rose's face right, and the Doctor's doesn't look quite right either.  Yes, I used a ruler for the Tardis when I did the ink, and no, I didn't try very hard on the background did I... XD

Reference Photo: omg I can't find it now!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Etsy Blogger of the Month: LizsWares

Say hello to January's Blogger of the Month!  (Better late than never, I always say!)

Liz has been a member of the EtsyBloggers team since 2009 and has been making jewelry since she was 12!  She's got a great shop full of beautiful beaded neckaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Here are some of my favorites...

A gorgeous gift for your Valentine:

Pink Swirl in Translucent Heart Earrings

Perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday:

Irish Bracelet Set Lime Green and Copper Beaded

And fit for a merrmaid:

Beach Beauty Shell Beaded Necklace

Don't forget to check out her shop and blog, and see what's there that might be calling to you...

Day 6 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

6. Draw Your Favorite Word

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Adorbz.  I think I invented it.  I certainly use it too much!  I used this photo as a reference.


Earlier I mentioned that Saturday we had all drawn pictures of our family, and I shared mine as my Favorite Place to be.  I was so happy with the ones the kids made that I wanted to share theirs too!
Lia's Family

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JoAnn's Family

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Esme's Family

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Ant's Family

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Day 5 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

5. Draw Your Best Friend

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I'm not so good at drawing from life. I didn't even use an eraser this time. It's not quite right, but *WAY* better than I used to do!

(And yeah, she was a little stressed that I was drawing her and wasn't smiling...)

The Best of Super Bowl 2012

Funny Commercials:
~CRV Matthew Broderick's Day Off
~Kia Optima Dream Car
~Bud Light Rescue Dog (also made me cry at the end)

Made me Cry:
~Best Buy Innovators
~Budwieser Prohibition
~Chevy Sonic Stunt Car
~Toyota Camry

Made Lia Laugh:
~Cheetah Velostar
~Doritos Man's Best Friend
~eTrade Fatherhood

Drawing of Lia by Lia

Movie to see:
~John Carter
~The Lorax

~H&M David Beckham

Honorable Mention:
~Elton John Pepsi
~Chevy 2012 Mayan Apocalypse
~Coke Bear catch
~Dorito Sling Baby
~Dannon Oikos John Stamos
~Hyundai Think Fast

And the Very Best:
~Vampire Audi

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Day 4 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

4. Draw Your Favorite Place

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Well this might not make sense if you're just passing over it, but with a little explaining...

I was gonna try to do a sketch of Flat Rock or mebbe of the bed (LOL).  Perhaps the Oswego or Syracuse skyline... Then I thought I could somehow do Jacqueline's arms (hard) or a sketch of New York State with a heart where Oswego is, but I didn't do any of that.  I could say I had no time to do a proper drawing, but I'm typing this out right now and I could be drawing, but I *did* draw today... And that's what you see here.

You see, today was Lia's 14th birthday, she was going to an overnight with her church group, and we were going to run a few other errands and spend some time with some other LGBT families.  This stressed me out: the errands on my day off and visiting with people I don't know so much...  I'm not good at realizing when or why I am stressed, I just get really touchy.  And I was about to start my period.  *rolls eyes*  Horrible excuse for moodiness but it happens and I never realize WHY I was so overly emotional about [fill-in-the-blank] until after the fact.  (I'm working on this.)  It doesn't matter exactly what happened, but I had a break-down in the car full of everyone, and they all supported me and made me feel so much more a part of the family than I realized I was.

Later at the LGBT party, we were asked to draw our families.  This is what I drew.  And as cliché as it might sound, of all the places I could go, my favorite place to be is with them.  Wherever that may be.  ♥

Day 3 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

3. Draw Your Favorite Food

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I got brave & decided to draw with a pen.  And with no reference photo.  I've not done that in a while.  So, kinda goofy, but I did it!  ^-^

Friday, February 03, 2012

Day 2 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

Perhaps if I had not procrastinated until almost midnight to do this, it might not be such a rough sketch and it might have been a better photo too...

2. Draw Your Favorite Animal

A rabbit of course!  I chose Fukusuke-pon and used this photo for reference.  ^-^  (Apologies to pon and yasuko. 福助と靖子への謝罪)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Day 1 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

1. Draw Yourself

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I didn't mean to make it so realistic. I just was gonna do a quick little kawaii sketch, but I wanted it a *little* realistic; so I opened a photo, and this is what happened! XD

Draw a Dino Day

On Monday, after a blizzard dumped 3+ feet of snow on us, we took some time to celebrate Draw a Dinosaur Day!

Lia and her spotted brontosaur

JoAnn's many attempts at a "cute" dinosaur

Esme's singing dino

Ant created a whole scene!

And my disco dancin' dino!

Stay tuned to see my dino finished!

Groundhog's Day Mani

Here is a cute manicure that is perfect for tomorrow!

Blizzard-y nails with little groundhogs!
That one on the left saw his shadow!  XD

How I did it:
  • After preparing my nails for painting (cleaning, trimming, shaping, basecoat), I painted them with a plain white color.  It took a few coats because my white always seems to leave visible brush strokes.
  • Then I topped that with a sheer coat of Wet 'n' Wild #438. It's a cream-colored opalescent polish with tiny iridescent glitter flakes.
  • Then I used a clear silver glitter polish just to make it more blizzard-y!
  • Next I used a random pearly brown color I have - no labels on it anywhere! - to make my little groundhogs on a few nails.
  • Then I used black & white with 2 small dotting tools to dab on the noses & eyes.
  • To make the lighter belly on the one groundhog I used a sheer flesh-color by DuraGlow called Sea Shell.
  • Of course I topped it all with China Glaze Fairy Dust, because one can never have too much glitter, and a clear top coat.
I would love to see your nails if you try this!  Please feel free to leave me a comment with a link to your photo of them!