Saturday, April 12, 2014

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 33

Hello, my fellow creative photographers!

Welcome to another week in my 52-Week Photo Challenge!

I hope you're having some beautiful spring weather where you are; we are here and it is SO nice! Long awaited and much appreciated, indeed!

So this week's challenge is: GRAY

Make something GRAY the focal point of your photo, have gray be the overall theme in your photo, or do some editing and change your image to greyscale. Or do something creative & interpret the challenge another way!

When I originally planned this week's topic, I had imagined all kinds of *April showers* that could be photographed, but the few days we had like that this past week, weren't very photogenic. However, using my cell phone's camera, I tried to capture a stunning sunrise happening beneath a darkening sky. The camera isn't that great, but I did a little editing and I like the decades-old feel of this:

Click to embiggen!

I've posted the original in the comments on Flickr; feel free to let me know which you like better! I'd love your critiques!

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