Monday, September 24, 2007


I have my first subbing job!!! OMGOMGOMG! I am scared $#!+)@$$!!! I haven't been in a classroom since May 06!!! And the school board hasn't even approved me yet!!!

/panic mode

:::deep breath:::

This is gonna rock! ^_^

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My pirate name is:
Dirty Jenny Rackham

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

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My belly hurts... argh... too much salmagundi, I'd wager... p'raps I need more rum...

Hope you all had a peachy squiffy pirate day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Simplify 101

So I signed up for a different *Simplify your life* newsletter, since the last seemed aimed at someone other than me... Anyway, this one came with *Bonus tips*... I somehow think this newsletter isn't going to work either...

  1. simplify your schedule
    Before signing up for another activity or starting a new hobby, decide what you will give up in its place. What did you use to do during that time slot? Will the old activities be eliminated or moved to another time? To keep your schedule simple, think twice before adding anything new.

    Well no problem here, I just wish there was more time during the week. It's only our Saturdays we seem to have problem over-scheduling...

  2. simplify shopping
    Avoid last minute trips to the store by keeping extras of regularly used items on hand. If you'd run to the store when it runs out, keep an extra!

    Well that's not a problem either. Our issue is usually forgetting to put what we need on the list.

  3. simplify cleaning
    Completely de-clutter prior to starting the cleaning process. You'll be amazed at how much faster it goes when you focus on just one activity at a time!

    Well, um, yeah... trying...

  4. simplify your to-do list
    Establish a "do-it-now" mindset. If a task takes less than 2 minutes to do and you're in the right place to do it -- do it now! It often makes more sense to do something the first time you think of it instead of adding it to your to-do list (or worse yet, your overloaded memory bank!)

    Lemme 'splain to you about the spoons... Grab a handful of them. Now for each activity you do, take away a spoon. When you're hand is empty, that's it. No more. Must crash & sleep. Sometimes, this (do-it-now) is just *not* possible.

  5. simplify your surroundings
    Eliminate clutter. Clear out your closets, dressers, pantry, and cabinets. If you don't use it, love it, or need it - lose it!

    Trying!!! I think my problem here is that I LOVE more than I have room for in the this house...

  6. simplify task completion
    Focus on one task at a time instead of multi-tasking. Do it until it is complete and then move on. What is more valuable, five in-process tasks, or one finished one?

    Sometimes, five things need to all be done at once. That's what happens in real life... This is not an office where I can control every moment of the day!

  7. simplify filing
    Does your fear of forgetting to do something prevent you from filing papers? To conquer this fear, when you file a piece of paper, record any associated action items on your to-do list. Include on the list a note to remind you where you filed the paper.

    Wait... I thought I wasn't supposed to have a to-do list...

  8. simplify your desk
    Clear it of unnecessary papers and knick-knacks! If you don't use it or enjoy it daily, put it in a drawer or on a bookshelf.

    Oooo... see... for us visual people, we like to *see* our stuff. No hiding it out of sight! I like to look at my knick-knacks dammit.

  9. simplify your planning
    Make a list of tasks required to complete any project you're working on. Focus on and complete one task at a time. If the project is repetitive, like menu planning, keep the plan and use it as a template next time.

    HEY! We do that! ^_^

  10. simplify your work day
    Reduce interruptions and stay focused on the task at hand. Turn off your email and phone, and if possible close your door. Set aside routine times to read and respond to emails, phone calls and visitors. Be sure to let your co-workers know your schedule.

    Again, this assumes an office setting! At home or in the classroom, this is not an option! LOL!

  11. simplify your life
    Make sure you are clear about what matters most to you. If you've never done so before, write down your values, goals and dreams. Write down everything you'd like to do or have. Let your imagination go wild.  Come up with five, ten, even 100 goals. Then take a step back and compare your list to your current life. When you simplify and organize your life, what will you do with the extra time and space? What's standing in your way to make this list a reality? Is it time? Is it clutter? Is it not knowing where to start?

    That's the beautiful thing... I am so doing this... We are all moving toward the things that matter most to us!

  12. start today
    Take action today! Did you know it takes at least 21 days to change an old habit or create a new one? Pick just one idea from the list above and get started today! Once that item is complete or has become a habit, come back to your folder or visit simplify 101 for more ideas.

    And like the FlyLady says, it takes us SHEs an extra week or two! I wonder how useful the rest of these newsletters are gonna be...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

Morning thought

A golden crescent lazily reclines in a bed of stars,
and the scent of candy chases the warm wind through the trees,
spicy then sweet,
and my only desire is to lay in the grass
with you
til the stars fade
and the birds begin to sing.