Wednesday, March 29, 2023

So Much (For) Stardust

Have you listened to this album yet? OMG I cannot stop. I am literally obsessed. When I wake up, one of these songs is in my head. When I am trying to work, one of these songs is in my head. The lyrics are amazing, intense, funny, sarcastic... and I love love love when rock banks play with orchestras.

Love From The Other Side - It's starts with a piano, then an orchestra, and builds to a crescendo when the rock band explodes in. 

We were a hammer to the Statue of David
We were a painting you could never frame and
You were the sunshine of my lifetime
What would you trade the pain for?

Heartbreak Feels So Good - This one gets you moving and singing.

We could cry a little, cry a lot
But don't stop dancing, don't dare stop
We'll cry later or cry now
You know it's heartbreak

Hold Me Like A Grudge - Funky. Fun.

The world is always spinning and I can't keep up
Whoa, oh, oh, faster and faster
Can't do it on my own

Fake Out  - This feels like it belongs in an 80s movie.

...make no plans and none can be broken
No plans and none can be broken

Heaven, Iowa - Is that Phil Collins' drumming? So emo!

Scar crossed lovers forever
I'm checking myself out forever
I'm saving this all for later
Scar crossed lovers forever
Here we are untouched forever
I'm saving this all for later

So Good Right Now - I think this is my new anthem. Such a party!

Feeling so good right now
Feeling so good right now
Til we crash and burn somehow
Feeling so good right now

I know I know I've made mistakes
I know I know but at least they were mine to make, yeah

The Pink Seashell - Spoken word with moody music.

...there's no point to any of this, it's all just a
A random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes

So I take pleasure in the detail, you know, a, a Quarter Pounder with cheese
Those are good

I Am My Own Muse - AHHHHHH!!! With the orchestra again!!!! MUST BE PLAYED LOUD!!!

I'm just trying to keep it together
But it gets a little harder when it never gets better
I'm trying to keep it together
To keep it together
Keep it together, no

Smash all the guitars
Till we see all the stars
Oh, got to throw this year away, we got to throw this year away like
A bad luck charm

Flu Game - Driving beat. Love it.

One day every candle's gotta run out of wax
One day no one will remember me when they look back
I can't stop, can't stop till we catch all your ears though
Somewhere between Mike Tyson and Van Gogh

Baby Annihilation - More spoken word & moody music.

Stuck in a wasteland we covered in glitter and broadcast
Just for a little serotonin

The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years) - Another one that sounds like an 80s movie soundtrack.

I spent
Ten years
Ten years in a bit of chemical haze
And I miss the way that I felt
Na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na
Na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na

What A Time To Be Alive - A fun bop to dance & sing along to. SO funny and accurate. Is this disco? I think so. Definite 70s vibe.

We're out here and we're ready
We're here and we're ready
To livestream the apocalypse
'Cause everything is lit except my serotonin, yeah
Everything is lit but my lightning bolt brain
Everything is lit

So Much (For) Stardust - Another one that mixes an orchestra with a rock band. Always gets me. And when he brings that line back (you'll know it when you her it)... CHILLS. Must be scream-sung at the top of your lungs while bawling for full effect.

Like a sledgehammer to a disco ball
Crushing all my low low low lows, ache it till you make it
Ache it till you make it

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Morning Sunshine

Sunday, March 19th, 7:52 a.m.

There are studies that show getting natural light shortly after waking in morning helps regulate your circadian rhythm making it easier to fall asleep at night. So for the past few months my partner has been taking a short walk (yes, through the middle of winter!) right after I leave for work. A month or two ago, we started going together on the weekends. 

Monday, March 20th, 6:41 a.m. - Vernal Equinox

It is cold, but it is a very short walk, only 10 - 15 minutes long. We just get up, put on yesterday's clothes or our PJs and shoes & coats, and head out, down the driveway, and down the street towards the sun. Then, to maximize our exposure to what little sun there is, and to move our bodies in novel ways, which improves balance and more, we walk backwards back to the driveway. We are lucky to have a nice flat street without a lot of people or traffic.

Tuesday, March 21st, 6:44 a.m.

This week, we started walking together on weekdays too. I am so not a morning person, and I hate getting up & out of bed in the cold and dark. Thankfully the sun is now just coming up about the time I'm getting up. Jacqueline gives me a little verbal prod, and I roll out of bed and blearily get dressed and fumble my way outside. Jacqueline is a total morning person and is ready & raring to go, cheerfully chattering away, while I can barely form coherent thoughts, let alone words. I love it. ♥

Wednesday, March 22nd, 6:39 a.m.

I've been trying to take a photo each morning, not a little influenced by Shayla Maddox's A New Dawn project, even when the sky is just... grey. As with Shayla's project, I think it will be nice to look back on how the sky and landscape change over time.

Thursday, March 23rd, 6:42 a.m.

Some days, there has been no color in the sky at all. Sometimes the break in the clouds isn't where the sun is. And sometimes I forget to take a photo altogether!

Friday, March 24th, 6:43 a.m.

On the weekends, our walks are a little later, because we don't use the alarm to get up. Yesterday & today there was another person out there walking too. Probably because we were later, and the weather is ... improving?

Sunday, March 26th, 8:25 a.m.

We don't talk too much, probably because of my general grogginess, but we listen to all the birds, and look for them in the bushes and skies. This morning a raven flew silently overhead as we slowly moved backwards down the street. I am sure some people (ok, probably most) think we're nuts for doing this, but it's really quite magical, and I am sure, good for my mental health, as well as my physical health.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Chicken in a Dark and Mysterious Sauce

For the next recipe, I chose Chicken in a Dark and Mysterious Sauce, which was one of the recipes I had been eager to try back when my mom first got the cookbook.

I halved the recipe, knowing full well that our daughter won't eat chicken and Jacqueline probably wouldn't like the dark & mysterious sauce. (She's not a fan of chocolate in sauces, like mole sauce.) I did accidentally add the full amount of cinnamon, but it was still so small an amount I don't think it mattered much.

Jacqueline and I think they maybe were trying to go for a Moroccan type dish, but they left all the SPICE out. None of the hot peppers, cumin, etc. that would normally be found in those dishes. We served it with rice and a California blend of vegetables. It was not a bad dish, but we probably won't make it again.

I think my favorite part of the dish was eating the leftovers. The raisins were all puffed up and looked like grapes again! LOL!

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