Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Weird Jelly from Neopets

You take some Whole Chokato Jelly!!! Congratulations!


You carefully walk in and pick up a keychain from the pile of treasure, and then run quickly away!

*Squee!* I got a yellow Nimmo keychain! ^_^

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Topless or not?

So I've been stuck. I am making these mermaid pins, painting them on polymer clay tiles, and it's been so long since I actually painted or drew my own art. But I wanted to try anyways. However, I keep worrying I am going to mess them up! I'll paint a bit, then walk away, and finally come back and do a little more, only to walk away again after a short bit...

Mermaid Tiles in Progress
Mermaid Tiles in Progress

Now, all that's left are the details, like the face. And silly decisions like whether or not to cover their breasts! And I am absolutely racked with indecisiveness!!! So I am asking for your input; should I cover them?

Some I've (obviously) already decided will be covered with their tails or hair, but two are full frontal poses. One is my version of Sedna, an Inuit sea goddess, and the other is a flying fish fairy mermaid. I suppose I could cover the flying fish one's breasts with shells (cliché), but what would I cover Sedna's with if I decided to???

Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo Friday

This week's challenge is Religion...

There is a goddess dancing
Dancing inside my heart

Dancing within as she always has been
Dancing within the hearts of all humans

There is a goddess dancing
Dancing inside my heart

Dancing a dance of power and light
Gazing at all things with compassionate sight

There is a goddess dancing
Dancing inside my heart

~ Lisa Thiel - There Is A Goddess

This is where I am today...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Playing Card Books

This is the coolest and easiest thing I have ever seen! Why didn't we think of this sooner???

How to Make Playing Card Notebooks: Accordion-Style

You could use all different kinds of cards: antique playing cards, novelty playing cards, tarot cards, maybe even ATCs, or business cards! And you could make it a mini-scrapbook album or write a poem in it or you could make it into an ATC album thingy!!!

Kewl! N'est-ce pas?


I found some new places today that are pretty cool...

First there's The Daily Meme, a website with links to a whole bunch of different sites with daily memes. I've only come across a few links that don't work anymore, and it's really handy for finding something new to do...

Then from there, I found That's My Answer! It seems they have several questions every day, where you can either answer there or on your blog. The one I really liked for today was Where do you wish you were going Wednesday (and Thursday)? They asked:

Please tell us where you wish you were going today (in your real non-blog-about-it life, yes that one!)

Then you visit the blog of the person who commented above you. Make sure to leave the a comment for that person so they know you’re playing along!

And I answered:

I wish I was going…

to come into a large sum of money so I could stop worrying about bills and things! LOL!

Ok, seriously, I wish I was going swimming… ^_^

But my post is being moderated because it's one of my first few, so I dunno if it's showing there yet... But how about you guys? Where do you wish you were going?

Finally, I found Lens Day! Get it? Rhymes with Wednesday... Hehehe... (I love alliteration... and puns!) Anyway, today's challenge is Summer and this is my pic:

Lia at Flatrock, 6/23/08

I <3 Zombies

Any crafty zombie lovers out there?

A project for you...

New Foamy

Click here to see

in which

Today's Jelly...

Some of you might not find this as unusual as I do, but the standard jellies I get are glowing, poison, lime, and strawberry. Occasionally I'll get dung or lemon. But lately I've been getting rare jelly after rare jelly: Whole Blunella Jelly, Whole Kiwi Jelly, Whole Tigersquash Jelly, Snotty Jelly (ew), Peanut Butter Jelly... And today...

Raspberry Jelly

Stay tuned, folks, for who knows what tomorrow may bring!

:::le sigh:::

Oh to be able to afford to go to this ($80 per person for the weekend)...

To stay in the Convention Center Hotel (all booked already)...

To have costumes and fun things to wear (sadly lacking in my closet)....

To have someone watch the kids while we go (um yeah...)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fairy Day!

Oh my goodness! I just found out about this! I am so sad that we didn't plan anything fun to celebrate...

I'm setting a reminder to not forget next year...

The Strange Jelly Saga Continues...

The Jelly Keeper says 'Remember... only one helping per day!'

You take some Whole Purplum Jelly!!! Congratulations!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Bunday

This is George...

I adopted George many years ago, but when we moved here, I made the decision to give my bunnies away to a good home. -_- I miss my bunnies terribly, but know that I made the right decision...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top Five Foods

As requested by Veronica, my top 5 food items are....
  1. Pizza: this one in particular or BBQ chicken... or roasted veggie with extra cheese... so long as it's homemade! LOL!

  2. Brownies: again, homemade is best. Usually just a 99¢ box - whatever's on sale - doctored a little with nuts or chips, and baked just the way I like them...

  3. Tollhouse cookie pie: Never tried to make this at home yet, but like the kind served at Kirby's restaurant... *drool*

  4. BBQ Pork: Ok, barbequed anything just about... chicken, pork, turkey, beef, pour BBQ sauce on it and I'm happy... (Of course I have a serious soft-spot for Dinsaur BBQ pull pork sammiches...)

  5. Cheese: Sliced, chunked, melted, sweet, savory, plain, or dressed up fancy... I love cheese...
No surprise that it's pretty similar to everyone else's!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice!

Written on Friday, June 20, 2008
TodayYesterday, we held our Solstice ritual and feast! It was lovely! ^_^ There was much fun & revelry, and as usual, my fingers are black and sticky from roasting marshmallows! ^_^ Everything was finger food: watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, nectarines, grapes, and cherries; bright orange cheese curls; hot dogs cooked on sticks; sunshiny orange cupcakes with lemon frosting; and s'mores!

Our Summer Solstice Feast

It's been cool, so the skeeterz weren't too bad, and I used the bug repellent so they didn't bug me too much at all... (Ha! Pun not intended but so welcome! ^_^) We took some time to write our annual letters to our future selves, then tied notes of things we wish to get rid of to the wicker man*. Jacqueline then told us all a story (from which we could draw our own lessons), and we all got to read our letters from last year. Then we headed out to the fire where we each got to take part in calling the quarters.

omg tired... need sleep nao...

Written on Saturday, June 21, 2008
And then I crashed... LOL! So yes, anyway...

Here we are about to cast the circle...

Yep, that's our Yule Tree!

Then we lit the bon fire. The tree went up pretty fast, the wicker man was burnt, and we spent a few moments reflecting on and discussing the things we wanted less of in the coming year: poverty, car problems, lack of self confidence, etc...

It burns, and with it our flaws...

Then we got to the feasting! ^_^ The kids had cut sticks for everyone, and we roasted hot dogs, and marshmallows, and the kids tried to roast some of the fruits, with mixed results. We all stuffed ourselves, and I could have eaten more but I was just so tired!

Cooking hot dogs is hot work...

So Jacqueline & I headed inside, where I attempted to document our celebration, but failed... XD When we went to bed, the kids were still outside roasting marshmallows and playing Organization IV.

Today it is over 80 and sunny, and although I was going to play outside, I am thinking it's too warm now, and I have been goofing off doing other things... But as I write, Jacqueline is packing up the perfect picnic lunch for us, and we are going to head over to Mexico Point Park for lunch, and hopefully we can swim... ^_^ If not, I might just be forced to stop where we can!

There are only 4 more days left of school with 3 of them 1/2 days, and I assume that I am done for the year. I was really surprized to get called for yesterday, though, so maybe I will get the chance to work some more... If not, I have faith that something will come along!

Heee... Like my new icon, BTW? ^_^ Get it? Rocks... on the beach... in summer regalia? XD

*The wicker man in our case isn't big or made of wicker or a man, but rather a small lady made of fallen twigs; this year sporting bright red hair (yarn scraps) made by Lia. I wish I had gotten a picture... Oh I kinda did! He's there on the table with our feast in the first pic, behind the bread, next to the ketchup, in front of the marshmallows & chocolate! ^_^


Some links for those of you that play...

Free food for your pets...

Six Flags

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birds, again!

I was just looking out the door, taking a break from all this computing nonsense, when I saw the catbird land on the wire... Cool! I thought, and grabbed the binoculars for a better view. And as I was looking, a bird landed in the top of the tree and caught my eye. So I panned up to look. At first I thought it was a robin because of the orangey butt, and similar song, but then it turned around and I saw it was mostly all yellow! Well the first thing that popped into my head was Scarlet Tanager female, maybe a juvenile of some bird...

I made some noises about bird-pretty bird-in the tree and watched it as it sang and then flew away before attempting to look it up. Well, the first page the book opened to had a picture of a female Orchard Oriole, which it very well could be, but definitely not the juvenile male, as it didn't have the black throat spot, but just wondering about my intuition, since I've never had reason to look up tanagers before, I checked the Scarlet Tanager. Well, the bird looked a lot more like the female tanager than the orchard oriole, but the descriptions say she's more olive green, and this bird was more orangey yellow... So I just don't know...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Review by Jacqueline

Jacqueline posted an article on AC reviewing the diner we had lunch at a few weeks back. It wasn't fantastic food, but it was pretty good in my opinion. And you certainly got enough for the money paid...

Review: J.B.'s BBQ Chick N Chop in Fulton, New York

Monday, June 16, 2008

Grand Opening!

Faerie Garden Fancies is now open for business!

As the wheel of the year turns, Faerie Gardens will provide you with flights of fancy to brighten your days. As we celebrate the summer solstice, the start of summer, proudly wear one of these pretty polymer clay pins...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It's been a rough week here, and today I remembered what I forgot: I forgot to do a week of photos and memories about my dad... :P I suck.

SO, let's start now! Better late than never! (That should be my motto... LOL!)

To all the fathers out there, those who chose it, those who weren't given the choice, those who worked hard to get it, those who fell into it unknowingly, and those standing up in other men's places, I hope your day was bright and sunny and filled with the best love ever, the love of your child.

And especially to my Daddy, I know we don't always see eye to eye, and we can't be there for each other as much as we want to, but know that I think of you often, and love and miss you bunches... {{{big hugs}}}

My Daddy

And to my step-dad, Frank, you loved my mom enough to put up with her bratty little girl and saw me through my teen years, for that I thank you and love you too. By the way, I need more pics of you! LOL!

Footnote: Sometimes having two dads is tough. I am not sure how often, if ever, either of them reads this, and I after having written the above, I am wracked with indecision about what to post, if I should post anything at all at this late hour. After posting a whole week's worth of posts about my mom, will my dad feel bad if I say nothing about him on Father's Day? What about my step-dad? And if I post about my dad and leave Frank out, will I be slighting him? And if I add him to my post about my Dad will my dad be insulted? And if I add a separate second post about Frank, will he think it was just an after-thought? GAH! And so, I will just add this, love is infinite and unlimited. Both Daddy and Frank played very big roles in my life, and I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't known both of them like I do. My love for one is not diminished because of my love for the other, and I love them both very much.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sneak Peek!

What have I been up to this weekend? Well besides swimming, I've been busy crafting! Here's a sneak peak:

Will update with more info soon!

Sketch for Saturday!

Here's something to get your creative juices going! I'll try & have a LO to go with it later... Happy scrappin'!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Travelling the continent by RV for weeks if not months is high up on my bucket list.
2. My favorite quote is "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."; it's from Kahlil Gibran.
3. Jaie inspired me to start blogging.
4. Strawberries are best fresh picked from your very own yard.
5. I was very angry at my dad in the last dream I remember having.
6. The most enjoyable time to go for a walk is when it's cool and breezy, but sunny and beautiful.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having Robert over for dinner and going SWIMMING, tomorrow my plans include heading up to FlatRock or out to Mexico Point Park and SWIMMING some more and Sunday, I want to go to the library and see my dad for a BBQ!

Today, I am craftin' in the kitchen! I *browned* my fimo clay a bit but it's ok cuz I'm going to be painting them. I hope it doesn't make them brittle or anything... Off to paint!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I has one! ^_^ LOL! Is it not the cutest thing?! I <3 it...

Birds in our yard

This morning I finally saw one of the birds whose call was frustrating me! It was the Gray Catbird! It was just sitting in the tree over our feeder, making that squeaky screen door sound, and I saw it and got to watch it for a bit before it flew off. As usual the chipping sparrows are always out there at the feeder, and the chickadees too, although I hear them more than I see them. The Indigo Bunting and his mate still come visiting regularly, and the other day we had TWELVE goldfinches visit the feeder at once! OMG that was a spectacular sight! Usually only one or two come at a time... We've also got robins and blue jays and crows around the yard - oh and even a flicker! But I can hear so many more birds in the trees, and I catch a flash of them here and there but never enough to make a positive ID... :::sigh::: Someday...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sometimes when I download the pics from the camera, I find the funniest videos that the girls have made... And what's so very special about this one is that they are rocking out to a song that's from when *I* was only 13 years old! Younger than Esme! I have it on my iTunes and they heard it there, and just started singing it all the time now! LOL! So funny!!!

Poor Lia just can't stay up! LOL!

What a day! Or two!

Monday was not a good day. The weekend had been unbearably hot, and Monday was just as bad. Schools are not generally air conditioned up here. The computer lab, staff room, and offices usually are though. Work wasn't too bad though. I was in the middle school and had only 3 blocks to teach. I had a class in the morning, followed by a break. The room hadn't gotten too hot for that block, and the break in the lounge actually chilled me; so going back to the room was nice. Then I had another class, followed by another little break, and the last block of the day was an awards ceremony in the air conditioned auditorium. Very nice; we even got cookies and lemonade afterward. ^_^

After work, the heat was terrible, and since I had to go to Wal-mart to pick up my prescriptions, we decided we would all go and spend some time browsing in air conditioned comfort. On the way home, I put my last $3 in the gas tank. (Thank heavens payday is tomorrow!) We came home to find a note in the door from the LL asking us to call, but before we could even get the BombPops in the freezer, he and "his daughter's boyfriend" pulled up. He complained to us about the lawn not being mowed and a bunch of other petty things, and I complained back to him about his not calling first, even refuting his claim that he "couldn't find" our number: phone book, information, our checks??? *livid* And I stood up to him about other things too, which really surprized me... Of course, it left all of us upset for the rest of the night and we didn't sleep well from the aftermath, heat, and worry...

Since the LL claimed he was coming on Tuesday to make some repairs, I stayed home from work so Jacqueline wouldn't have to deal with him alone. About 11 the sun disappeared and the wind picked up and it started to thunder and lightning. It wasn't long before the sky opened and the rain poured down! Of course this meant the LL would likely not be coming, but it also knocked out our phone (digital) and internet (high speed) for several hours. The sky cleared but the temps stayed cool and our cable came back on, just in time for Lia & Ant to be called to their friends' to play. We made them take umbrellas and warned them that because of the gas situation they'd be on their own for getting home, or would need to stay put til the storm passed if it started up again. And it did, but not nearly so bad. However, bad enough to take out our power, only about 10 minutes after getting our cable back! ;-;;;

After Esme gloated for about a half an hour because the laptop had battery power and she could still play on it, the battery ran dead and the 4 of us, Esme, JoAnn, Jacqueline, and I, all played Trivial Pursuit 90s, which is HARD since neither Jacqueline nor I kept that much on trends and news and things in the 90s (even less so now I think) and the girls were only babies! LOL! But we ended when everyone had one pie piece (I was the last sadly), and Jacqueline & I did some reading before it got too dark. Then we headed outside to hear a bird better (which we never did hear) and then had another temporary crisis when we came back in that I'm just not gonna go into... it's over.

Today is a new day. The sun is out. The weather is temperate. And everything is going to be OK.

Promise, 6/10/08



The really sad thing is that after subbing for a year (not even "real" teaching) all I could do is sit here mouth agape at how scarily true this "spoof" is... And of course, now I want to cry...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Bunday

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesh!

Just what we need today!

So I've seen this around several places, but I have no idea where the meme originated! If I was a bunny though, that is just the thing I would want to be doing! Relaxin' in a nice cool pool...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mermaid Summer

Perhaps it's presumptuous of me to assume we're going to go swimming as much as I hope to, especially with gas prices going the way they are, and the way summer work is looking, but I am moving forward with positive intentions and have dubbed the summer of 2008:
Mermaid Summer

We've already begun by reading some of the Emily Windsnap books and Mermaid Park by Beth Mayall, and we've watched Splash and will soon be getting Aquamarine from Netflix.

In addition to books and movies, we'll be playing mermaid ourselves at the lake, and doing all kinds of mermaid crafts too! So do you have any good mermaid books or movies or crafts you want to share? I'd love some suggestions!

Sunday Scrappin'

No, I'm not, I just wish I was... :\

So I've decided to play along with Amy and the others and take the Sunday Scrappin' challenge! ^_^

Sunday Scrappin’

Since this is my firt week, I've got no TA-DAs from last week, but my TO-DO for this week is take Amy's challenge and DO SOMETHING WITH LACE! The challenge may be optional, but it's simple, and just the thing I need to get my butt in gear.

So how about you guys? Working on anything good? Wanna take the challenge with me?

Saturday, June 07, 2008


My RingPop Bling Ring Celeb Rating is Cotton Candy Bubble Gum or maybe it's Cherry... Both flavors I love! ^_^

What's yours?

Almost there!

All caught up on the emails... Now to read the blogs... ^_^

So hot already!

Catch-Up Time Begins

Eep! Over 100 emails to read, but only skip40 for LJ.... Of course then I have all my other blogs! It would be nice to have A/C today...

Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer sometimes isn't the greatest...

Oh. Em. Gee. It is so hot today... Over 90. Ok so that's in the house, but over 80 outside!

So after working for 3 hours doing tedious reading lessons in a room that had to be over 90 (the other reading teachers wouldn't even open the window and there is no A/C!!!), when I got home we headed straight for the lake. The water level is still pretty high; so we had to cross a long stretch of slippery rock in ankle to knee deep water, before we could even attempt to get in. And when we got there, we decided it might just be ok to sit on the edge of the ledge, which made it waist-deep water, with our toes in the FRIGID deeper ice water. But the girls just splashed right in at their usual spot and dipped themselves several times before declaring it more fun to sun themselves like lizards on the rocks and roleplay their Organization IV characters (based on Org. XIII in Kingdom Hearts).

Ant jumped in too this time, but got right out and sat beside us (on the dry rocks) discussing the pros and cons of getting in. Eventually, emboldened by a group of college or high school boys who just charged in, I decided I *had* to dive in. So I did a quick affirmation: I am an Arctic Mermaid! Cold water has no effect on me! I am insulated! *giggle* Like a sea lion! :::patting thighs::: And I did it! And it was glorious! And farking cold too! But I made myself go back under after my initial dive to swim back. I wanted to swim forever! However, like Ant, I immediately got right out and sat beside Jacqueline warming myself in the sun. We discussed the pros and cons some more, since now I also had input, and it was decided that since Jacqueline had made herself shivery cold just dangling her feet, that it was unnecessary for her to get all the way in. So we made our way back across the slippery rocks and eventually back home.

Sadly, little Dork-a-boo went off to her godmother's for the weekend soon after. :( She will be missed.

Soon after that, Jacqueline headed outside to change the laundry on the line. I peeked out the window and she looked very hot and tired, so I asked if she wanted my help. She said no way, because she was covered with mosquitoes, and she is not allergic. :P When she came in, she told me she was all bumpy, but of course I was distracted and didn't even look, but later when she was in the front cooking the hot dogs, not only could I see the mosquitoes on her (and in a huge cloud between me & her), but I could see all her bumps! ;-; And yet they don't itch her at all... which of course makes me very jealous... of course she still feels them on her and sucking her blood! /fake-Dracula-voice

And even though she tried to protect me from them, they still get me. I am all covered with itchy little red bumps. And every time I feel a hair brush my arm or shoulder, or feel a little prickly from the sun or a droplet of sweat, I think it's a mosquito and I get all jumpy which makes me itch even worse... I remember it not effecting me so much. Not noticing. But now, I remember *why* I like the cooler weather, even though the whole while I complain that I wish it was warm enough to swim... *whine* We either need to move where it's warm enough to swim more often, get our own pool (which would be warm enough already), or get a membership to an indoor pool...

Anyway, I have tons of email to read, and bunches of pages on LJ and other blogs I want to read, and I think none of it is going to get done tonight because I need to shower (4th time today) and then get some sleep...

Thunderstorms etc.

Last night we had our first thunderstorm of the season. The air was hot and muggy, and Jacqueline & I slept with no covers. We tried to leave both windows open, but I was afraid of rain coming in; so we closed them most of the way. In the middle of the night (4am?), the thunder and lightening woke us. Great rolling booms and sharp cracks, flashes and pops, strobe lights lighting up the room... The power went off and on, and reset my clock to flashing. I have not ever really been afraid of storms, but sometimes, like last night, I feel the fear in my belly, and cuddle closer to my lover, despite the heat, before falling back to sleep.

Needless to say, this morning I am once again not well-rested. This time it's not my fault though... Without the alarm set, and being so tired, I took my temp later than usual. I guess it doesn't matter much since it's been screwy all month. I am glad to only have a half day today. I got to sleep a little later. And I got to have a nice leisurely morning and get some stuff done...

Yesterday, I worked for the district with the disrespectful, totally out of control students. It was so bad, I had to call the principal to come get control of the class. I called the sub-caller and told her to take me off her list for the rest of the school year. I'll decide over the summer if I really want to go back there. I like the teachers, it's close to home, I did my student teaching there, and I used to think I wanted to work there, but every time I've subbed, it's been a bad experience. I don't want to go over it all... it was bad. So I was lucky to get a call for the half-day today at a different district. Of course then I got several calls for a full day at the further away district that pays much better... But it's first come, first serve right now. This close to the end of the year, I worry that not so many teachers will be needing subs.

In other news:
My personality type: the dreamy idealist I am a Dreamy Idealist.

Adjectives which describe your type (bolded those that I feel were particularly accurate)
introverted, theoretical, emotional, spontaneous, idealistic, dreamy, effusive, pleasant, reserved, friendly, passionate, loyal, perfectionist, helpful, creative, composed, curious, obstinate, with integrity, willing to make sacrifices, romantic, cautious, shy, peace-loving, vulnerable, sensitive, communicative, imaginative

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Pokemon am I?

The kids took this quiz today, and wanted to know what Pokemons Jacqueline & I are... The results are so funny...

What Pokemon are YOU?
My Result: Whismur
Myspace Quizzes
You are a Whismur. You are incredibly shy, but when you express yourself, others see your true strength. People are not sure if they like you, because of your shyness.

Take What Pokemon are YOU?
Find more quizzes at

OK maybe one wouldn't call that funny, but it describes me so well... And just what does the Whismur look like?



Jacqueline got the Arceus, but she didn't save her description... :P

The kids are:
Ant: Psyduck, but he's gonna take it over! LOL!

Esme: Evee, which she's liked forever...

JoAnn: Pikachu, which she finds very amusing!

Lia: Mewtwo, evil little thing... LOL!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Awesome speech

Made of win!

Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2008

I think all parents should listen to this speech and remember: It's better to be DOING something, yes even WoW, than just watching...

Not that all watching TV is wasted time; sharing an enjoyable story is worth it IMHO, but like he said...

The Law of the Garbage Truck

Several days ago I posted some allegorical tales to remember, and today I found out that The Law of the Garbage Truck has a real person behind it: David J. Pollay, and he has an motivational blog and a website! Check out the Beware of Garbage Trucks website and David J. Pollay's blog. Take back control of your life. Be happy. Be successful.

Heard in our house...

Me (after a long boring day): Apple! How are the Esmes?


Another interesting product catch-phrase:
Reese's Whipps: Be Whipped. Be proud.

Ok, now I am just getting silly from lack of sleep... :P

Sunday, June 01, 2008

OMG the kyoot

Who knew babeh ducks snored so cute?! Now everyone's gonna want one... ^_^

Tew-telly freaked the cat out with that one... hehehe...

Scrappy Happenings

So it's June first everyone! Happy soon-to-be-summer! In case you weren't aware, there were a few scrappy happenings today:
  • The first was that a whole new batch of PageMaps just came out. As usual the website is MOBBED and their servers are having a hard time keeping up, but tomorrow should be a little better if you want to download the PDF of all their great sketches.

  • Also, Scrapbook Dimensions put up their free desktop wallpaper of the month. You get to add your own photo, and don't worry about giving them your email, I only get one newsletter a month and it reminds me to go check out the wallpaper!

  • And last but not least, pcCrafter has a new font to download for the month: PC Chalk for June.

Yesterday was our first trip to Flat Rock of the season and the water was FRIGID! We're talking toe-numbing cold! But the girls - those bone thin little things - all got in and fully submerged at least once each! JoAnn did it like three times!!! Of course, it was hot & sunny at home but the minute we headed up to the lake it started to get overcast and was raining by the time we got there. We didn't let that stop us though! After the girls thoroughly froze themselves, and Ant & I numbed our toes (Note: Jacqueline was the only one smart enough to not even bother trying.), we all headed back home, under a sunny blue sky! :P Anyway, I can't wait to scrap the pics; here are a few of the best:
Click for full-size...
Flat Rock
Cold and grey while we were there...
...but the girls bravely immersed themselves!
Ant & Diana
Antonio & I couldn't find a place to just jump in...
...but Lia didn't mind braving the slippery rocks
to find the best place for jumping in...
Half full, my friends, and not the wrong beverage at all...

Today, we went to the Super Walmart grocery shopping. OMG... I think the entire city of Fulton was there... We were so on sensory overload by the time we left, we nearly killed each other. We didn't though, and we treated ourselves to an impromptu picnic in the closest cemetery with one of those scrumptious Subway subs split 3 ways, between Jacqueline, Lia, and I.

When we got home it was practically time for Jacqueline to start dinner. She grilled hangaburgs over a wood fire, and they were SOOOOO good. I hurt my foot though, in a dumb way of course. We decided to move the grill a bit after she started the fire, and silly me went out barefoot to help. Of course, a few hot coals slipped out the bottom without us noticing when we moved it, and well, I stepped on one. I stepped on it good and long before the heat made it through my callouses, but it doesn't appear damaged, just feels sore. :\

Well, I am off to bed for the night. I am hoping to put up a sketch tomorrow and maybe a LO based on it... We'll see how work goes! Nighterz!

Unconscious Mutterings

From Luna Nina...
  1. Gossiping :: busybodies

  2. Misplaced :: item

  3. Spaceship :: Enterprise

  4. Ignore :: me, don't

  5. Bodily :: functions

  6. Tweezers :: slivers

  7. Goodnight :: Moon

  8. Curls :: forehead

  9. Faucet :: dripping

  10. Right? :: Right!

Neopets Nonsense

Don't forget to go and get your monthly freebiesBlounsi got a Clawmatoe, BunnyKissd got Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce, Dreamy_Phin got a Fried Chicken Breast, and GrundiGolem got a Cheese Tortilla.  Yum!  And the free 2000 NP isn't half bad either!  ^_^

BunnyKissd's fishing skill is 135.
Dreamy_Phin's fishing skill is 133.
GrundiGolem's fishing skill is 139.
Blounsi's fishing skill is 135.

You take some Whole Tigersquash Jelly!!! Congratulations!

I've been getting the WEIRDEST jellies lately!  Robot, mint... now this!  LOL!