Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard

The Full Snow Moon asks:
“What desires lie deep within?”

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I used another old calendar page for this one, so right in the middle is an image by Christian Riese Lassen. I chose this one because it shows down deep in water, and it's teeming with life.  Dolphins and whales and lots of colorful tropical fish and on the shore, an amusement park and a burning bright sunset... This image alone does a good job of representing the desires that lie deep within me: fun, play, abundance, family, passion... But the white space around the edges allowed for me to add more!

The DARE down the left top corner is a reminder for me to continue with my word of the year, DARE: Do it! Assert yourself! Risk failure! Experience success!  The other words on the dreamboard are all self-explanatory. 

The peony and spring flowers on the right represent my desire for SPRING and color, warmth and abundance, beauty and growth... 

The kitty in the upper right corner, and the song along the bottom, as well as the painting of the fairy & bunnies near the lower left, are for my desire to have a small animal in my life again.  I miss my Bunny kitty so much and I think I've never been without some kind of small furry thing for very long....

The woman in the lower right corner has the hair color & style that I hope to have soon. 

The tub, oh to sit and relax in a tub!  *Bliss* 

And the colorful chandelier represents my desire for more colorful sparkly things in my life!

Sometimes we bury our dreams and desires deep within, as though hiding them under layers and layers of snow. Protecting them. Protecting ourselves. Waiting until the time is right for them to grow. Now is the time to tune into your heart, to let your intuition and your dreamboard express and reveal the dreams that are hidden inside. Let the creative process take you below the surface, beneath the layers of safety and protection, guiding you to the innermost dreams sparkling in your soul. ~ Jamie Ridler

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  1. Such wonderful dreams! Love the images and words you've used! Dare is such a strong word for the year.
    May all your dreams be fuulfilled this year!


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