Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 45

I hope all my readers had a happy Valentine's Day; I know I did!  Up early & out of the house to run errands with the family; back home early to a fun & delicious dinner with my love...  ♥♥♥  On to the daily dares!
  • Pass one French lesson on Duolingo each day
    New words: sinon (otherwise), puisque (since), tandis que (while), and lorsque (when).  Also, I must remember that tea & coffee (thé & café) have the same accent on their Es...
  • Make 7 phone calls per week
    Eep!  4 of 7 on day 7 >.<
  • Create a rabbit a day
    Today was our annual Make-Your-Own Heat-Shaped Pizza night, a tradition for the past 5 years on Valentine's Day!  So my little bunny is nomming mine... ^-^

    Click to embiggen...

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