Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daily Dares: Days 51 - 54

I got frustrated.  I was trying to make one drawing *perfect* and it just wasn't going the way I wanted, so I shut down and didn't do anything.  This is no way to do a Dare.  I think this has been my problem with the phone calls as well.  I worry the call will be difficult, so I procrastinate and Busy Myself with other things, or work myself up into a frenzied ball of panic, and then shut down.

Also I have been *meaning* to break things into actionable steps, but haven't, so I still get overwhelmed really easy, and then shut down.  I think when I finish up here, I'm going to do 2 things. First break my list into actionable steps, and second look up some ways to work around my shutting down.

Here's how I've been doing:
  • Pass one French lesson on Duolingo each day
    This I have been doing great on. Still want to do some more physical writing but I keep forgetting...  (See note about actionable steps!)

  • Make 7 phone calls per week
    Blargh.  Not doing well here again.  Yesterday I did talk with 3 strangers, but via text & in person.  I think I may need to re-evaluate this Dare, determine the point of it all, and see if I can come up with a better way to accomplish the goal.

  • Create a rabbit a day
    When I last posted, it was bunnies from the 16th thru 19th.  On the 20th I was still in a Merbun mood and painted this:

    Click to embiggen...

    The 21st is the day I shut down.  I drew, but it wasn't coming out how I wanted, and before I knew it, it was way late, and I was tired and cranky, so I shut down.  I didn't even draw on the 22nd because I felt I needed to finish the drawing from Thursday, but didn't want to deal with it.  On the 23rd I realized that was just silly, so I moved on and drew buns for the 22nd & 23rd.  Here they are...

    First something colorful & happy!

    Click to embiggen...

    This was just a scribbly bun again, but I added some colorization in PSP...  The bunny in the photo ref was sitting at a really weird angle...

    Click to embiggen...

    Sunday, I got inspired again to draw something complicated and haven't had time to finish it, either Sunday or yesterday, and today has been a catch up day again, with a headache that's not really going away with Ibuprofen, so we shall see!

I think the important things I've learned so far and want to share here are...
  1. Don't be afraid to let go of perfection!  I wanted to do this daily thing PERFECTLY, every day, rain or shine, busy or not, no matter what, share a rabbit I've created.  I think that without getting ahead and scheduling posts for the future, this is doomed to fail.  Life does get in the way, and at those times I need to remember, it's ok to let the perfection go, and do it later.

  2. Make sure you re-evaluate frequently.  Yes, make big plans, set astounding goals, strive to attain them, but check in with yourself weekly or even daily.  How do you feel about it?  Still something you really want?  Then keep going!  Not feeling it some much anymore?  Then try to figure out why.  Why did you set that goal in the first place?  Is there another way to get there?  Maybe life has changed and it just isn't a fit anymore.  It's OK to let the goal go completely and find something new to excite you!

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