Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Dares: Days 55 - 59

  • Pass one French lesson on Duolingo each day
    Still plugging away on these.  The lessons are short, so it's not been a problem to keep up with them.  I am surprized by the things I can remember!

  • Make 7 phone calls per week
    So so.  I did make several calls this week, but still overall fail to do this.  I have even passed off the calling on car ads to Jacqueline.

  • Create a rabbit a day
    I have still not finished my rabbit from the 21st as I have been working on other projects (which is why I feel I need to re-evaluate these dares, but that's for tomorrow), but have been managing to do this most days.  I have another big drawing started for the 24th, so I'll be skipping that day for now too...

    Monday I was sitting there thinking, "What kinda bunny can I draw quick to post since I still haven't finished yesterday's!?" and my eye was caught by the Rainbow Dash that sits on the shelf over my desk that I got for Easter *just* before the Friendship is Magic series began.  She has RABBIT EARS!  So I decided I'd recreate one of my fave ponies using a base from Doll Divine's classic MLP Pony Creator. Thus Toola Roola with bunny ears was born:

    Click to embiggen...

    Tuesday night I thought I'd draw a quick caricature of a hare, a little cartoony bunny... Um... yeah... have I mentioned I have trouble with that?

    Click to embiggen...

    Wednesday I was busy sketching ideas for what I actually finished today, a recreation (2nd in the same week!) of a painting I did a while ago.  I never scanned the sketches from Wednesday, but perhaps I'll do that tomorrow...  Meanwhile, here is today's bunny frolicking with the goddess Ostara:

    Click to embiggen...

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