Friday, February 08, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 39

Oh my gosh!  Tha day isn't over and I am donedonedone with my dares for the day...
  • Pass one French lesson on Duolingo each day
    So thrilled!  Yesterday Jacqueline & I were talking, and I was wondering how to say that one has to or must do something in French.  I knew there was a verb that would go in front of the ... um.. infinitive form of whatever verb... but I couldn't think of what it was... TODAY I learned it!  YAY!  Devoir: Je dois manger mes légumes.  And I learned (or was reminded of) the verb to be allowed or able to: Pouvoir: Nous pouvons avoir la glace!

  • Make 7 phone calls per week
    Oh yes, today starts a new week, so last week's total was 5/7 calls made.  However, I think I'll do better this week as I have a LOT of calls to make, that I was supposed to start making today, but got to anxious to do so...  :-[  I did manage to squeeze in a quick call to my mom this evening.  YAY!  ^-^

  • Create a rabbit a day
    Today I decided to sew a bean bunny - no, not like filled with beans, but like bean-shaped...  Isn't it adorbz!?

    Click to embiggen...

    And here's one in my hand for size reference, oh and there's apparently a snowstorm... whee!

    Click to embiggen...

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