Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Pokemon am I?

The kids took this quiz today, and wanted to know what Pokemons Jacqueline & I are... The results are so funny...

What Pokemon are YOU?
My Result: Whismur
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You are a Whismur. You are incredibly shy, but when you express yourself, others see your true strength. People are not sure if they like you, because of your shyness.

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OK maybe one wouldn't call that funny, but it describes me so well... And just what does the Whismur look like?



Jacqueline got the Arceus, but she didn't save her description... :P

The kids are:
Ant: Psyduck, but he's gonna take it over! LOL!

Esme: Evee, which she's liked forever...

JoAnn: Pikachu, which she finds very amusing!

Lia: Mewtwo, evil little thing... LOL!

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