Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a day! Or two!

Monday was not a good day. The weekend had been unbearably hot, and Monday was just as bad. Schools are not generally air conditioned up here. The computer lab, staff room, and offices usually are though. Work wasn't too bad though. I was in the middle school and had only 3 blocks to teach. I had a class in the morning, followed by a break. The room hadn't gotten too hot for that block, and the break in the lounge actually chilled me; so going back to the room was nice. Then I had another class, followed by another little break, and the last block of the day was an awards ceremony in the air conditioned auditorium. Very nice; we even got cookies and lemonade afterward. ^_^

After work, the heat was terrible, and since I had to go to Wal-mart to pick up my prescriptions, we decided we would all go and spend some time browsing in air conditioned comfort. On the way home, I put my last $3 in the gas tank. (Thank heavens payday is tomorrow!) We came home to find a note in the door from the LL asking us to call, but before we could even get the BombPops in the freezer, he and "his daughter's boyfriend" pulled up. He complained to us about the lawn not being mowed and a bunch of other petty things, and I complained back to him about his not calling first, even refuting his claim that he "couldn't find" our number: phone book, information, our checks??? *livid* And I stood up to him about other things too, which really surprized me... Of course, it left all of us upset for the rest of the night and we didn't sleep well from the aftermath, heat, and worry...

Since the LL claimed he was coming on Tuesday to make some repairs, I stayed home from work so Jacqueline wouldn't have to deal with him alone. About 11 the sun disappeared and the wind picked up and it started to thunder and lightning. It wasn't long before the sky opened and the rain poured down! Of course this meant the LL would likely not be coming, but it also knocked out our phone (digital) and internet (high speed) for several hours. The sky cleared but the temps stayed cool and our cable came back on, just in time for Lia & Ant to be called to their friends' to play. We made them take umbrellas and warned them that because of the gas situation they'd be on their own for getting home, or would need to stay put til the storm passed if it started up again. And it did, but not nearly so bad. However, bad enough to take out our power, only about 10 minutes after getting our cable back! ;-;;;

After Esme gloated for about a half an hour because the laptop had battery power and she could still play on it, the battery ran dead and the 4 of us, Esme, JoAnn, Jacqueline, and I, all played Trivial Pursuit 90s, which is HARD since neither Jacqueline nor I kept that much on trends and news and things in the 90s (even less so now I think) and the girls were only babies! LOL! But we ended when everyone had one pie piece (I was the last sadly), and Jacqueline & I did some reading before it got too dark. Then we headed outside to hear a bird better (which we never did hear) and then had another temporary crisis when we came back in that I'm just not gonna go into... it's over.

Today is a new day. The sun is out. The weather is temperate. And everything is going to be OK.

Promise, 6/10/08

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