Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer sometimes isn't the greatest...

Oh. Em. Gee. It is so hot today... Over 90. Ok so that's in the house, but over 80 outside!

So after working for 3 hours doing tedious reading lessons in a room that had to be over 90 (the other reading teachers wouldn't even open the window and there is no A/C!!!), when I got home we headed straight for the lake. The water level is still pretty high; so we had to cross a long stretch of slippery rock in ankle to knee deep water, before we could even attempt to get in. And when we got there, we decided it might just be ok to sit on the edge of the ledge, which made it waist-deep water, with our toes in the FRIGID deeper ice water. But the girls just splashed right in at their usual spot and dipped themselves several times before declaring it more fun to sun themselves like lizards on the rocks and roleplay their Organization IV characters (based on Org. XIII in Kingdom Hearts).

Ant jumped in too this time, but got right out and sat beside us (on the dry rocks) discussing the pros and cons of getting in. Eventually, emboldened by a group of college or high school boys who just charged in, I decided I *had* to dive in. So I did a quick affirmation: I am an Arctic Mermaid! Cold water has no effect on me! I am insulated! *giggle* Like a sea lion! :::patting thighs::: And I did it! And it was glorious! And farking cold too! But I made myself go back under after my initial dive to swim back. I wanted to swim forever! However, like Ant, I immediately got right out and sat beside Jacqueline warming myself in the sun. We discussed the pros and cons some more, since now I also had input, and it was decided that since Jacqueline had made herself shivery cold just dangling her feet, that it was unnecessary for her to get all the way in. So we made our way back across the slippery rocks and eventually back home.

Sadly, little Dork-a-boo went off to her godmother's for the weekend soon after. :( She will be missed.

Soon after that, Jacqueline headed outside to change the laundry on the line. I peeked out the window and she looked very hot and tired, so I asked if she wanted my help. She said no way, because she was covered with mosquitoes, and she is not allergic. :P When she came in, she told me she was all bumpy, but of course I was distracted and didn't even look, but later when she was in the front cooking the hot dogs, not only could I see the mosquitoes on her (and in a huge cloud between me & her), but I could see all her bumps! ;-; And yet they don't itch her at all... which of course makes me very jealous... of course she still feels them on her and sucking her blood! /fake-Dracula-voice

And even though she tried to protect me from them, they still get me. I am all covered with itchy little red bumps. And every time I feel a hair brush my arm or shoulder, or feel a little prickly from the sun or a droplet of sweat, I think it's a mosquito and I get all jumpy which makes me itch even worse... I remember it not effecting me so much. Not noticing. But now, I remember *why* I like the cooler weather, even though the whole while I complain that I wish it was warm enough to swim... *whine* We either need to move where it's warm enough to swim more often, get our own pool (which would be warm enough already), or get a membership to an indoor pool...

Anyway, I have tons of email to read, and bunches of pages on LJ and other blogs I want to read, and I think none of it is going to get done tonight because I need to shower (4th time today) and then get some sleep...

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