Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I found some new places today that are pretty cool...

First there's The Daily Meme, a website with links to a whole bunch of different sites with daily memes. I've only come across a few links that don't work anymore, and it's really handy for finding something new to do...

Then from there, I found That's My Answer! It seems they have several questions every day, where you can either answer there or on your blog. The one I really liked for today was Where do you wish you were going Wednesday (and Thursday)? They asked:

Please tell us where you wish you were going today (in your real non-blog-about-it life, yes that one!)

Then you visit the blog of the person who commented above you. Make sure to leave the a comment for that person so they know you’re playing along!

And I answered:

I wish I was going…

to come into a large sum of money so I could stop worrying about bills and things! LOL!

Ok, seriously, I wish I was going swimming… ^_^

But my post is being moderated because it's one of my first few, so I dunno if it's showing there yet... But how about you guys? Where do you wish you were going?

Finally, I found Lens Day! Get it? Rhymes with Wednesday... Hehehe... (I love alliteration... and puns!) Anyway, today's challenge is Summer and this is my pic:

Lia at Flatrock, 6/23/08

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