Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top Five Foods

As requested by Veronica, my top 5 food items are....
  1. Pizza: this one in particular or BBQ chicken... or roasted veggie with extra cheese... so long as it's homemade! LOL!

  2. Brownies: again, homemade is best. Usually just a 99¢ box - whatever's on sale - doctored a little with nuts or chips, and baked just the way I like them...

  3. Tollhouse cookie pie: Never tried to make this at home yet, but like the kind served at Kirby's restaurant... *drool*

  4. BBQ Pork: Ok, barbequed anything just about... chicken, pork, turkey, beef, pour BBQ sauce on it and I'm happy... (Of course I have a serious soft-spot for Dinsaur BBQ pull pork sammiches...)

  5. Cheese: Sliced, chunked, melted, sweet, savory, plain, or dressed up fancy... I love cheese...
No surprise that it's pretty similar to everyone else's!


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