Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birds, again!

I was just looking out the door, taking a break from all this computing nonsense, when I saw the catbird land on the wire... Cool! I thought, and grabbed the binoculars for a better view. And as I was looking, a bird landed in the top of the tree and caught my eye. So I panned up to look. At first I thought it was a robin because of the orangey butt, and similar song, but then it turned around and I saw it was mostly all yellow! Well the first thing that popped into my head was Scarlet Tanager female, maybe a juvenile of some bird...

I made some noises about bird-pretty bird-in the tree and watched it as it sang and then flew away before attempting to look it up. Well, the first page the book opened to had a picture of a female Orchard Oriole, which it very well could be, but definitely not the juvenile male, as it didn't have the black throat spot, but just wondering about my intuition, since I've never had reason to look up tanagers before, I checked the Scarlet Tanager. Well, the bird looked a lot more like the female tanager than the orchard oriole, but the descriptions say she's more olive green, and this bird was more orangey yellow... So I just don't know...

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  1. Perhaps it will come back, and we will be able to make a positive ID. :D


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