Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birds in our yard

This morning I finally saw one of the birds whose call was frustrating me! It was the Gray Catbird! It was just sitting in the tree over our feeder, making that squeaky screen door sound, and I saw it and got to watch it for a bit before it flew off. As usual the chipping sparrows are always out there at the feeder, and the chickadees too, although I hear them more than I see them. The Indigo Bunting and his mate still come visiting regularly, and the other day we had TWELVE goldfinches visit the feeder at once! OMG that was a spectacular sight! Usually only one or two come at a time... We've also got robins and blue jays and crows around the yard - oh and even a flicker! But I can hear so many more birds in the trees, and I catch a flash of them here and there but never enough to make a positive ID... :::sigh::: Someday...

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