Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scrappy Happenings

So it's June first everyone! Happy soon-to-be-summer! In case you weren't aware, there were a few scrappy happenings today:
  • The first was that a whole new batch of PageMaps just came out. As usual the website is MOBBED and their servers are having a hard time keeping up, but tomorrow should be a little better if you want to download the PDF of all their great sketches.

  • Also, Scrapbook Dimensions put up their free desktop wallpaper of the month. You get to add your own photo, and don't worry about giving them your email, I only get one newsletter a month and it reminds me to go check out the wallpaper!

  • And last but not least, pcCrafter has a new font to download for the month: PC Chalk for June.

Yesterday was our first trip to Flat Rock of the season and the water was FRIGID! We're talking toe-numbing cold! But the girls - those bone thin little things - all got in and fully submerged at least once each! JoAnn did it like three times!!! Of course, it was hot & sunny at home but the minute we headed up to the lake it started to get overcast and was raining by the time we got there. We didn't let that stop us though! After the girls thoroughly froze themselves, and Ant & I numbed our toes (Note: Jacqueline was the only one smart enough to not even bother trying.), we all headed back home, under a sunny blue sky! :P Anyway, I can't wait to scrap the pics; here are a few of the best:
Click for full-size...
Flat Rock
Cold and grey while we were there...
...but the girls bravely immersed themselves!
Ant & Diana
Antonio & I couldn't find a place to just jump in...
...but Lia didn't mind braving the slippery rocks
to find the best place for jumping in...
Half full, my friends, and not the wrong beverage at all...

Today, we went to the Super Walmart grocery shopping. OMG... I think the entire city of Fulton was there... We were so on sensory overload by the time we left, we nearly killed each other. We didn't though, and we treated ourselves to an impromptu picnic in the closest cemetery with one of those scrumptious Subway subs split 3 ways, between Jacqueline, Lia, and I.

When we got home it was practically time for Jacqueline to start dinner. She grilled hangaburgs over a wood fire, and they were SOOOOO good. I hurt my foot though, in a dumb way of course. We decided to move the grill a bit after she started the fire, and silly me went out barefoot to help. Of course, a few hot coals slipped out the bottom without us noticing when we moved it, and well, I stepped on one. I stepped on it good and long before the heat made it through my callouses, but it doesn't appear damaged, just feels sore. :\

Well, I am off to bed for the night. I am hoping to put up a sketch tomorrow and maybe a LO based on it... We'll see how work goes! Nighterz!

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