Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It's been a rough week here, and today I remembered what I forgot: I forgot to do a week of photos and memories about my dad... :P I suck.

SO, let's start now! Better late than never! (That should be my motto... LOL!)

To all the fathers out there, those who chose it, those who weren't given the choice, those who worked hard to get it, those who fell into it unknowingly, and those standing up in other men's places, I hope your day was bright and sunny and filled with the best love ever, the love of your child.

And especially to my Daddy, I know we don't always see eye to eye, and we can't be there for each other as much as we want to, but know that I think of you often, and love and miss you bunches... {{{big hugs}}}

My Daddy

And to my step-dad, Frank, you loved my mom enough to put up with her bratty little girl and saw me through my teen years, for that I thank you and love you too. By the way, I need more pics of you! LOL!

Footnote: Sometimes having two dads is tough. I am not sure how often, if ever, either of them reads this, and I after having written the above, I am wracked with indecision about what to post, if I should post anything at all at this late hour. After posting a whole week's worth of posts about my mom, will my dad feel bad if I say nothing about him on Father's Day? What about my step-dad? And if I post about my dad and leave Frank out, will I be slighting him? And if I add him to my post about my Dad will my dad be insulted? And if I add a separate second post about Frank, will he think it was just an after-thought? GAH! And so, I will just add this, love is infinite and unlimited. Both Daddy and Frank played very big roles in my life, and I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't known both of them like I do. My love for one is not diminished because of my love for the other, and I love them both very much.

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