Monday, December 23, 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon #23

Today Jamie and Shannon are without internet due to a huge ice storm! But their other sister, Suzie Ridler says:
Let's talk about books!

Books, books, books... hmmmm... what can I say about books? I like them! LOL! How about ...

10 Fun Things About Me & Books:
  1. I have a GoodReads account, where I keep track of all most of the books I have read (sometimes I forget) and want to read.

  2. I am currently reading Double Exposure which is the first 3 books in the Apprentice Adept series, by Piers Anthony most of which I have actually already read. I want to finish the series but read it so long ago, I thought I should re-read from the beginning...

  3. Piers Anthony is my favorite author, and the Xanth novels are my favorite series of books by him. I love the magical puns & silly adventures.

  4. My very favorite book, however, is Change by Ann Maxwell. I identify with the main character and am enamored with the aliens she goes to learn from.

  5. My guilty reads are historical romance novels, usually the kind with Scottsmen or magic.

  6. My no-guilt-whatsoever read is the Animorph series. It covers some pretty deep topics for a sci-fi series aimed at pre-teens.

  7. I used to collect books, but now I prefer to get them out of the library, and have gotten rid of lots of my books. If it's something I am only going to read once, why spend money on it, have it take up space in our over-crowded home, and waste my energy having to dust it!? I only buy/keep books I am going to read/use over & over.

  8. When I was little, my favorite books were the Little House & Trixie Belden series and I frequently checked out Ed Emberley's books on drawing and D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths.

  9. I do not like books with graphic violence, blood, and gore. So most of the books I read are categorized Young Adult.

  10. I wish I had a little tablet-y thing to take my e-books & pdfs with me to read elsewhere, because I really don't like reading long things on the computer.


  1. I love the Apprentice Adept series! I managed to read all but the last half of the last book. Sometime, I'll get back to it. The first three were great by themselves...

  2. I like historical romances with Scots too. :-) I stopped buying books for the most part and started getting them through the library but it was purely due to financial issues.

  3. Love your list. I loved the Little House books and still have a set!


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