Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon #10

Today Jamie and Shannon say it's time for:
Show and Tell!

This is a-MAY-zing! As a teacher I get to facilitate sharing everybody's stuff, but never get to share my own. So I am very excited by this opportunity! ^-^ Earlier this week, I shared that we got our tree, and some of you asked to see it all decorated; so I would LOVE to take this time to share it with you!

Click to view on black...

Even though our living room is teeny tiny, it is worth having constricted pathways for a few weeks to be able to have this beautiful tree. My gift-daughter takes the gandbabies to a local tree farm to cut it themselves -- the kids love the experience -- and then bring the tree out to us -- so there's no mess in their house! LOL!

It's not decorated the most stylishly, but all the ornaments are special and mean a lot to at least one person in the family, from the ornaments handmade by little hands years ago to the ones made just last year. Our only regret is that we have only one strand of lights left! Perhaps after the holidays this year, we'll have money to pick up a bunch more for next year. ^o^


  1. Love your tree. I have the same kind of ornaments - I think about each before I put it on the tree. And our room is small as well - had to move couches to get it in, but it is so worth it.

  2. What a beautiful tree...and how nice for you to be able to be the shower & teller vs. being the teacher who watches!

  3. Omgosh Omgosh Omgosh, I looooooooooooove your tree! I could just screen leap over there to dance around with the sparkles and twinkles. What fun! :)


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