Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon #19

Today Jamie and Shannon ask us:
What are 10 Things Currently In Your Bag?

TEN!? Ok, I'll try to narrow it down!

Click to embiggify!

Dontcha just love my bag? I am so sad that it's wearing out and will soon need to be replaced...

Anyway! Here's my 10:
♥ Feminine hygiene & tissues
♥ Pain relievers (ibuprofen & aleve)
♥ tin of sweetner & tea
♥ pink & purple satiny pouch of coupons
♥ pink Bratz pouch of shoppers club cards
♥ purple sparkly bag of beauty supplies (lotion, nail clippers, pencil sharpener (ok so that's a teacher thing), lip balm...)
♥ wallet
♥ handful of pens, notebook, sketchpad, drawing pencils...
♥ hair scrunchie
♥ and my camera, which isn't in the photo for the obvious reason! XD
What's in YOUR bag? Share it at...


  1. So, I would like to move into your bag. It meets all of the proper conditions: colorful, sparkly and roomy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love all the color you have in your bag! i'm gonna have to look for one of those tea tins!

  3. Love the Colors!!! Purple is one of my favorite color.

  4. So glad you posted that picture! Your list doesn't do it justice: what you *really* have in your bag is pink, purple, orange, and green sparkly goodness! I love it! You must get happy every time you look inside!


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