Sunday, December 15, 2013

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 16

Welcome to another photo challenge! So glad you've decided to join me in becoming a more creative photographer!

Tell me how did you all did on Red? I know there's lots of red going on around here! Don't forget to post your photo in our flickr group so we can all see how you interpreted the prompt!

This week, our challenge is extra special! I like to call it...

We've got 15 weeks behind us, today is the 15th, and.... Oh wait, those aren't the reasons!

This week, I want you to find 15 minutes of time to take at least 15 photos, but limit yourself to a 15-foot circle. Then share the best one on our flickr group, and if you'd like, make a collage (either with your own photo-editing software or at Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker) and share that too!

Here's my favorite of the ones I took...

Click to embiggen!

I added a collage of the others to the comments at flickr on the photo above, and I will admit, after spending my 15 minutes, I decided I needed at least one more to make my collage complete... ^-^ (Antonio was not amused!)

So give it a try this week and don't forget to share it with everyone at our flickr group! You can also sign up for the reminders via email which come on Wednesdays about noon (Eastern) and Sunday mornings when I post the new challenge!

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