Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Day

I have been very productive this weekend! Yesterday, I spent a bunch of time doing Chemistry, then spent some time working on some crafty gifties! ^-^ I melted a Christmas record into a bowl for my mom and glitterfied it, then did some... well, worked on some other things... Not gonna spoil any surprizes... ~_^

Today, I sorted through old holiday cards I've been saving for DECADES, and let the kids have the ones I didn't want to save for myself for scrapping or holiday crafts. Then I put together a gingerbread house kit, made peanut butter balls, chocolate truffle filling, and started dipping things! ^o^

I forgot to eat lunch, but I am sure my sugar is all outta whack anyway because bits of candy and frosting and chocolate kept ending up in my mouth somehow! XD LOL! But a healthy dinner is in the oven now, thanks to my love, who also made yummy krinkle cookies!

OH! Earlier, I was taking some pics of the sky, and saw what I thought was my cat run down the driveway, over the snowbank across the street and down the hill to the neighbors, but then when I saw a red fox come running down the path in the woods, jump the stone wall, and then trot down the street looking for *my cat* I knew it had been a rabbit! (And yes, Bunny, my cat, was sound asleep behind me when I turned around, oblivious to anything...) It all happened so fast, that despite having my camera in hand, I got none of it. >.<

Well, back to the balls! XD

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  1. Awwww! What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful story--the tree is utterly gorgeous~ :)


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