Thursday, December 17, 2009

BlogCarnival: Favorite Gift

LindaB asked us, "What was your favorite gift received? Was it handmade?"

And the first thing that jumped to mind was a gift I asked for one year as a small child: a big blue bear, as big as me. You see, I had memories of this wonderful stuffed animal, as big as me, that I had as a toddler, that had disappeared, and I just wanted it replaced. So all I asked for, over & over that year, was a big blue bear. My parents must have thought I sounded like a broken record.

I was so happy on Christmas morning to find a fluffy stuffed bear in baby blue. It was not as big as me, but it was pretty big compared to my other stuffed animals. Sadly, when Spring came, I left him outside, it rained, and my mom threw him away. I was mad at mom for a long time for that, but years later, while rummaging through old photos, I came across one of me as a toddler carrying a big-as-me, bright blue BUNNY...

Yep, all along I had been trying to replace that big blue bunny, but had gotten it wrong in my head somehow... Yet all these years later, I still remember that my parents got me that great big blue bear, and even though it wasn't the right color blue or quite as big as I had remembered, it was still the softest prettiest bear, and the best present, I ever had...

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  1. Aw it is kinda like Benji's blue bunny (which isn't his fave but he does sleep with it every night, in fact I'm kinda glad it's not his 'carry around the house all the time' fave cause it's really nice and I'm glad it stays clean in his bed.)


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