Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Full Cold Moon Dream Board

This is my first time doing this; so I am not sure if I did it right, but I went with the prompt of "set an intention for how you would like to complete this year" and searched flickr for the photos I thought would best represent it. However, I should note that I didn't just put them in order here; I arranged them so they were aesthetically pleasing to me.

The first thing that came to mind was my relationship with my parents. I found a Daddy-Daughter pic and they're even looking out at a beautiful sunset over a warm body of water. Then I found a photo of a mother and daughter gazing into the future together.

I decided I wanted the center photo to definitely be something to do with the moon & dreams - and if it was purple? Bonus! And came across the center image here...

Then I remembered my disappointment from earlier today when the NYS Senate voted no on the same-sex marriage bill, and added an image of two brides on their wedding day. An image that not only symbolizes my hope for this so I can marry Jacqueline, and have her get all the privileges any other spouse would, but also the hope that my husband follows through with his promise to file for the divorce, instead of leaving me hanging in limbo waiting.

Then I thought of my need to finish this Chemistry course and pass in order to become a Science teacher. I found a macro of someone's homework that looks so much like mine! And a teacher who you can tell just loves his job, which is what I hope to find!

While searching for that, I stumbled across the balanced rocks, and thought they were perfect to symbolize the balance I am looking for in my life. Between school and work and love and play... the sun is there symbolizing joy and happiness, and the rock and water are symbols of *me*...

I also found a picture symbolizing polyamory, two women and a man, something I also hope to make reality someday.

Last but not least, in fact perhaps most important, the child drawing, so intent on the creation, the flow of color, that the photographer is unnoticed. This is the artist within me, the one I hope to nurture and cherish, and never push aside for "more grown-up" activities...


  1. There is so much beautiful love in your dreamboard! Love, creativity and balance! May your dreams come true!

  2. i love the flickr mosaics,
    and i love the intention behind the images you chose.
    may all your dreams manifest for you :)

  3. What a beautiful visionboard! I'm so happy that you've joined this inspiring online community of dreamers... As someone who has been with my partner going on 12 years, I too hope that there will soon be equal rights for our family. Many many blessings to you as your wintertime wishes unfold!

  4. What wonderful images and intentions they are expressed beautifully through your images. Welcome to the Dreamers.. May all your dreams come true.

  5. This is such an inspiring dreamboard! I love the image of the mother and daughter looking toward the future, to a better tomorrow, for all of us. There is a such a healthy, positive energy represented in your dreamboard, thank you for sharing!


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