Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Groundhog's Day Mani

Here is a cute manicure that is perfect for tomorrow!

Blizzard-y nails with little groundhogs!
That one on the left saw his shadow!  XD

How I did it:
  • After preparing my nails for painting (cleaning, trimming, shaping, basecoat), I painted them with a plain white color.  It took a few coats because my white always seems to leave visible brush strokes.
  • Then I topped that with a sheer coat of Wet 'n' Wild #438. It's a cream-colored opalescent polish with tiny iridescent glitter flakes.
  • Then I used a clear silver glitter polish just to make it more blizzard-y!
  • Next I used a random pearly brown color I have - no labels on it anywhere! - to make my little groundhogs on a few nails.
  • Then I used black & white with 2 small dotting tools to dab on the noses & eyes.
  • To make the lighter belly on the one groundhog I used a sheer flesh-color by DuraGlow called Sea Shell.
  • Of course I topped it all with China Glaze Fairy Dust, because one can never have too much glitter, and a clear top coat.
I would love to see your nails if you try this!  Please feel free to leave me a comment with a link to your photo of them!

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