Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 28 of my 31 Day Drawing Challenge

28. Draw Someone You Love

Click to biggify!

ANT-MONSTER!  I was going to draw Jacqueline, but I did already draw her once or twice or so for this, and then Antonio woke up.  He has this habit of growling when he first wakes up before he gets his coffee - yes in a big ol' cup... ^-^ And yes, I love him very much.

I was trying for a caricature-cartoony-type of drawing and got more realism than I wanted.  It's still wonky and I need so much more practice with the markers!


  1. Your picture portrays him so grown up that I was wondering who is this black dude in your life? I does look like him but I think I still picture my brother as a younger teen not a grown man!

  2. I know! It freaks me & your mom out EVERY DAY!!! And we live with him! XD


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