Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Meme

Do you cook all or part of the meal? Sometimes I make something, but not in a long time...

How much do you spend buying groceries for the meal? Nothing.

Do you eat at home or go to someone else’s? Make the rounds to all the families...

Describe your perfect bite? dark meat turkey with a little stuffing and gravy and cranberry jelly (canned!)

White meat or dark? Dark

Stuffing with giblets or without? Giblets go in the gravy or the cat's dish

Anything you won’t eat at the Thanksgiving meal? I'll try anything once...

Carve Mr. Gobble at the table or serve on a platter? Doesn't matter to me, probably more convenient to carve in the kitchen and serve on a platter

Favorite pie? Pecan

Formal table or Chinet? I formal is tradition, but buffet style is ok too

Your menu: Um... If I were cooking, there would be turkey of course, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, canned cranberry jelly, Jacqueline's homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chai tea, holiday spiced coffee, gingerbread with real whipped cream...

Favorite leftover? turkey breast meat, iceberg lettuce, canned cranberry jelly, mayo, salt & pepper, on white bread, cut diagonally... YUM!

Extended family, friends, both or just the immediate family for dinner? Anyone who wants to come!

Do you dress up a bit or just dress casual? Dress up a bit, but casual is ok

After dinner, do you go to the latest movie or watch football on TV or just a turkey induced snooze? I'd love to go see a movie, but I never have, usually someone's watching TV of some sort, or snoozing (or both), and I wander about having conversations til we have to depart for the next relative...

Do you watch the Macy’s Parade? Sometimes if it's on

Christmas decorations up before or after? I think I like a *few* up before, but mostly after

Black Friday shopping or sleep in? OMG why put myself through the stress! It's a day off, I'm not getting out of bed til I am ready.

Any special Thanksgiving tradition? At Jacqueline's parents' we go around the table and tell what we're thankful for... I love that!

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Good food and family!

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