Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Rabbits are not Easter Toys!

Many people buy rabbits at this time of year to give as Easter gifts to their children, but sadly, within a few short months, those bunnies are filling up the shelters, abandoned for a wide variety of reasons.  Before buying your own children a rabbit, please consider the following facts and child-friendly alternatives...

1. Rabbits don't like be enclosed in cages for long periods of time and need lots of room to run, jump, stretch, and play.

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2. Rabbits don't do well with noisy, boisterous children and do not like to be carried.

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3. Rabbits need to constantly chew to keep their teeth, which never stop growing, worn down.

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4. Although some rabbits can be littered-trained, not all can, and even those that are still have accidents and leave little bunny pellets on the floor.

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5. Although wild rabbits are best left alone outside, domesticated rabbits are best kept indoors, where they won't get sick from fleas, extreme temperatures, wild animal attacks, and diseases.

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6. Rabbits are a long-term commitment, living upwards of 10 years, and during those years they need lots of attention: grooming, playing, even a companion!

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7. Rabbits have a lot of special needs and aren't right for every child.

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Please visit The House Rabbit Society for more information on rabbits, how best to care for them, and where to find wonderful rabbits in need of forever homes.


  1. You have to make your rabbits salads every day too. Are you sure you want to do that? They need their greens and must have their fresh hay too. Oh, and then there are the vet bills. Males and females must be spayed or neutered. Females to keep them from getting cancer and males to keep them from squirting all over your house. Then they must have check ups also. Still sure you want a rabbit?

    1. Exactly. Lots of things to consider before bringing a bunny home.

    2. All this info is so true. I've learned from personal experience that house-proud folks wouldn't appreciate nibble marks on door posts and carpets. In fact, ingesting carpet fibers can clog a rabbit's digestive tract and lead to death.

      Morover, rabbits don't play like dogs or cats. They're prey animals who don't like being picked up or teased.

      Bunnies love shredding paper and cardboard. A box with holes cut at each end, as well as having no staples or tape on them, will make a great bunny toy. If you don't like a messy house, don't get a house rabbit.

      I also wrote a book back in 2006 called When a Man Loves a Rabbit. It contains many good tips on house rabbits as well as what not to do. After reading my mishaps and mistakes, you'll have a better idea of what living with a bunny is like.


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