Saturday, March 09, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 67

The sun was wonderful today!  And I did some cute sketches for my painted ornaments... ^-^  Here's the DAREs:
  • Pass one French lesson on Duolingo and Memrise each every day
    Took me many times to get through my Duolingo today.  Mostly I kept entering the spaces before the final letters of words then hitting enter before checking what I typed was right... :\  But still pronouns are a bit confusing.

  • Create each day
    Again nothing finished but my finger nails for the St. Patrick's Day Parade tomorrow.  (I have no idea why it's a week before it SHOULD be; apparently the city of Syracuse, instead of containing the drunken debauchery to just one weekend, is allowing it to stretch for a whole 9 days... *insert-eye-roll*)  However, I did work on the ornaments today...

    Click to embiggen...

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