Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard

The Full Worm Moon asks:
“What dreams are emerging? What’s stirring?”

Here is our moon tonight...
It was warm enough for me to try some shots with the new camera on the tripod,
but too cold & cloudy for me to take the time to get the *perfect* shot.
Still, I think it's beautiful...

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I did some reading up on why the moon is called this, and learned it's because this is when the ground unfreezes and softens - and gets quite soggy around here - which brings the worms to the surface; thus, the Full Worm Moon.  So as I have been thinking about these questions for the past 2 weeks, I thought of the worms stirring in their winter burrows, pushing up from beneath, and wondered what dreams of mine have been doing the same: slumbering for a long while and just now emerging as the ground around them thaws...

This morning, I leafed through my old calendars and magazines, and created this:

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The page I chose was one from a Faeries calendar and featured one of my favorite images, "Spirit of the Night" by John Atkinson Grimshaw.  I felt the image really represented the awakening of the world at this time of year, and I think the fairy does a good job of embodying the questions; as if she's waving her wand and looking down to see what's stirring beneath her, what dreams are emerging from below...

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Then I found the poem in the upper left corner, by Dorothy Morrison, in a Witches' Daybook from years ago, and it just seemed to fit perfectly with the full moon, my dreams, and the upcoming month of 'April showers'...
I am the Rain, the Bringer of Life
I bring the moisture and ease all strife
I sooth the Earth -- I quench Her thirst
I nudge the seeds gently awake so they burst
Into full germination so they can sprout
I cleanse the Earth within and without
But that isn't all; I give so much more
I cleanse the spirit from aura to core
I inspire and unblock creativity flow
And bring physical energy to all I know
Mine is true happiness and pure delight
I bring the rainbow back in the Light
I'll get back to the rest of that corner in a moment...

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Next to the poem, top & centered on the page, are the words, "Today I found my DRIVE" which symbolizes not just the fact that I am dreaming of find the perfect new-to-us car ASAP, but also that I find the strength & determination in me to push through my fears and get motoring on the big dreams I have.

Below that and to the left, is the text, "I've created great JOY," with an image of a woman obviously joyful, and perhaps laughing, perhaps praying and thankful for the great joy she's created.

And the words on the right say, "I'm the Goddess of Ease" expresses my dream that all these other dreams come to me with ease, and that life is stress-less and worry-free!  ^-^

The jeweled spider and web above those words represent one of my totems, the spider, who leads me to create.  The beautiful hanging lamps represent finding & creating beauty within my home, something I've not done much of since moving here many years ago...

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Above the words in this image (below "I've created great JOY") is the text, "Be Bold. Do it. Impress." And here you can just read, "I can push myself further. Shine."  These are all reminders for me to do those things.  Push past my fears.  Be bold & daring.  Do the things that scare me.  Impress myself, and the people around me, with my incredible Shine.  (And also a small reminder that the WeShine conference is not so far away!)

Then there is a photo of a desk: pencils and brushes in cups embody my art; the peonies, the messy abundance of beauty.  Another photo in the bottom left corner is of a teacup full of jewelry & sparkly things, which suggests home (the teacup) being full of bright happy things, prosperous in both joy & money.

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And in the final corner, spring flowers, a profusion of color, and such smells... -- I am so ready for them. -- And the words, "LOVE YOUR HOME" which I've not learned to do yet, despite living here for so long...

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  1. Such a wonderful, vibrant board. Each thing you've included really spoke to me. I wish for all of your dreams to come true and for every happiness to light your path.

  2. This board really is a joy to see. May all your dreams come true.

  3. This is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love the poem, and the jeweled web is wonderful. <3 I love the picture of the woman smiling/laughing/praying in the word Joy too. <3

    Good luck, may all of your dreams come true very, very soon!!!

  4. Oh the milkshake of everything, it makes my heart smile... the collage, the words, the colors. Very magickal! May all your dreams come true!

  5. Your board is bright and happy feeling. I'm particularly drawn to love your home image. May all your dreams come true!

  6. The images and colors on your board are gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. Wow, that moon!!! Thank you so much for sharing your picture of it. I wasn't able to see it at all in Toronto. What a beauty treat!

    And a gorgeous board full of joy, colour and powerful intention! What a great idea to create phrases out of the words that call.

    May this fairy bless and invite all these wonderful delights to you. May all of your dreams come true.


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