Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full Moon Dream Board

What are you hungry for?

I had a spurt of collecting words & pictures a week or two ago, and finally put it all together tonight.  I found an old calendar with an image that fit the mood I was feeling -- warmth, summer, green, growth, flowing, yet grounded and solid -- and then played around with the bits I had collected.  I am hungry for the delight of the best year ever, time to savor everything, with no worries, adventures, fun & games, a getaway to the Holiday Inn Express, and the growth, flowering, and unending cascade of savings, joy, passion, and good stuff!  ^-^  I am so hungry for this very possible dream.

Click to embiggen...

The wolf reminds us to connect to our hunger, to notice what desires are calling for our attention. Our dreamboards can help us bring these desires to light and to being! This is an invitation to not just notice our desires but to begin the important work of tending to them, stepping into what we can do to honour what we know of our dreams. What a beautiful way to begin the year.
~ Jamie Ridler


  1. I hope ALL your dreams come true - love that word - getaway!

  2. I love the idea of recycling a calendar!
    What I noticed about your board was that my eyes were drawn to the waterfall and when I followed it there were your dreams. Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. :)

  3. Gorgeous. This board looks so happy. I hope your dreams come true this month.

  4. Very warm board. :) May all your dreams come true.

  5. Cosy and dreamy board. May all your dreams come true.

  6. Great dream board...I particularly love the words 'the possible dream', they make it seem real and like your dreams will come to you with ease!

  7. may this truly be your best year ever! Such a lovely strong dreamboard!

  8. How wonderful that the gathering started around the New Moon! You must have felt the inspiration :)

    Here's to the best year ever! May all of your dreams come true.


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