Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 8

Well, today was a sunny fabulous day here, but about the time the sun went down, I lost my motivation...  I didn't do too bad though...
  • √ French lesson on Duolingo
    The lesson had a problem with one of the sentences and kept saying my dictationof French, wasn't written in French, when it clearly was!  Elle manges du pain.

  • Call someone
    I kinda failed at this.  I did dial the phone for 3 different people, but didn't get an answer at any of the numbers. :(  I didn't get a machine at one, and the other 2 I hung up before the machine could pick up.  :\

  • √ Draw a rabbit
    Today's bunny is completely out of my head. No photo refs or anything. Obvy my teacup needs work, but I think I didn't do too bad on the bunny!  ^-^

    Click to embiggen...

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