Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily Dares: Days 12 - 14

Just a quick update!  I've been working on a project and unable to post about my daily dares!  But never fear, I *have* been keeping up with them! 

I've been moving right along doing my French lessons on Duolingo and have completed 14 lessons already!  (Yup, I am ahead!)

And I have been drawing a bunny every day too!  I have done one in chalk pastels (omg the mess!) and a jackalope and some cutesy simple ones just because I've been so busy with this other project!  As soon as I finish, I'll be scanning & uploading them all, and that should be by the end of the week!  ^o^

However, I have not been doing so well calling people.  I allow myself to get absorbed in and distracted by my art and the day slips away so quickly, and then it's no longer an option. :\  I just need to push through the fear and do it!  Maybe I'll set an alarm for tomorrow....

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