Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 24

Today has been up & down for me... Whew!  I'll be glad when winter is over and at least we don't have Mother Nature throwing us curve balls as well as Life!  LOL!
  • √ French lesson on Duolingo
    Adjectifs est facile!
  • √ Call someone
    Called my mom!
  • √ Draw a rabbit
    I started this rabbity girl drawing last year about this time, you know, drew her, lined her, scanned her, started coloring, and I thought today I'd just finish up her coloring for today's rabbit...  Guess what?  I got distracted with a bunch of other pictures and haven't finished yet!  o.O  Soooo... Yeah... Her shirt & skirt still need coloring, but here she is so far!

    Click to embiggen...

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