Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 10

So tired again.  Had to do errands today and it quite tired me out. But when we got home...
  • √ French lesson on Duolingo
    I had to try again with my one lesson, but did it the 2nd time no problems.  The phrases & words they are teaching me are different than how I learned them, but they are still similar enough...

  • Call someone
    Failed.  Didn't even try. -_-

  • √ Draw a rabbit
    Guess what we watched tonight...

    Click to embiggen...

    I think he looks a but more like Max Headroom than J, and I need to work on making my blacks darker.  If I was slick (as Lia says),  I'd line this drawing, erase pencil, then scan it for neat coloring on computer; and if I was REALLY slick, I'd have done it on better paper so I could use ink, but as it stands, this is what you get.

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