Thursday, April 24, 2008

Books & reading...

Well, there is one benefit to my job: I get to do a lot of reading.

Granted some of it falls under the category of easy readers, but when they're as cute as The April Rabbits, or as charming as My Mama had a Dancing Heart, how can I leave them off my list?

I can't, and thus I have bypassed my goal of 50 books this year. Well, I guess it wasn't a goal, because I honestly thought I read more than that, and was just curious as to how much I *do* read in a year...

Anyway, as of today, I am more than half way through my 51st book, Hoot, which unfortunately is not at home, but I am reading while in various classrooms. Lucky me that so many classes have it! LOL!

At home I am only a few pages into Crescent because I've just been so tired when I get home this week; I've fallen asleep for a nap nearly every day! (Although, I am wondering if not having the iron Rx is partly to blame...)

But I digress! So without further ado, here's my updated list of books read this year:

(For #1-22, you'll have to sign up for an LJ and friend me, then you can see this post...)
23Curtis, Christopher PaulBud, Not Buddy2563/19/20083/21/20083
24Kidd, Sue MonkMermaid Chair, The 3353/22/20083/27/20083
25Sheth, KashmiraKeeping Corner2813/28/20083/31/20083
26Chichester, PageNWF Book of Family Nature Activities, The1324/2/20084/3/20084
27Scott, MichaelAlchemyst, The 4003/31/20084/7/20083
28Dahl, RoaldMagic Finger, The 634/7/20084/7/20083
29Heaser, SuePolymer Clay Techniques Book, The1254/2/20084/8/20085
30Whelan, GloriaListening for Lions1954/7/20084/9/20085
31Kessler, LizTail of Emily Windsnap, The 2094/10/20084/10/20083
32Hagerty, TaylorMiniature Scrapbooks1284/2/20084/11/20083
33Wolf, Joan M.Someone Named Eva2004/11/20084/11/20084
34Danzinger, PaulaAmber Brown is not a Crayon804/11/20084/11/20083
35Gaiman, NeilDay I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, The604/11/20084/11/20085
36McCaffrey, Laura WilliamsAlia Waking2144/11/20084/12/20083
37Das, ProdeeptaA Child's Day in an Indian Village324/12/20084/12/20082
38Johnson, CathyWatercolor Pencil Magic1282/28/20084/16/20083
39Acevedo, MarioNymphos of Rocky Flats, The2884/13/20084/17/20084
40Brown, SimonPractical Feng Shui1604/2/20084/19/20084
41Acevedo, MarioX-Rated Blood Suckers3704/18/20084/21/20084
42McMillan, MaryLifesavers for Substitutes1564/21/20084/21/20082
43Cleveland, DavidApril Rabbits, The304/22/20084/22/20084
44McCaffrey, AnneExchange of Gifts, An944/22/20084/22/20084
45Cresswell, HelenRumpelstiltskin324/23/20084/23/20083
46Johnston, TonyAmber on the Mountain324/24/20084/24/20084
47Cleary, BrianStop & Go, Yes & No: What is an Antonym?324/24/20084/24/20083
48Tagg, Christine & Ellwand, DavidCinderlily324/24/20084/24/20083
49Erlich, AmyCinderella324/24/20084/24/20083
50Gray, LibbaMy Mama had a Dancing Heart324/24/20084/24/20085
51Hiaasen, CarlHoot4/9/2008
52Abu-Jaber, DianaCrescent4/23/2008

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