Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogging for money

So I've added google ads and project wonderful to my side bars and it was painless.

However, I have been trying to get my blog approved through payperpost since LAST JUNE and it has been the biggest pain in the butt. One delay after another, then I finally could submit it to be approved again, only to have it denied because they felt it didn't meet the requirements. I went through their TOS, couldn't find out why, asked for more details so I could correct it, only to have someone reply that they couldn't see why either and they approved me. Then I took an opportunity for that glass tile place, a place I really would buy from which is why I haven't deleted the damn thing, and when I try to submit it, they say my blog isn't qualified! &(**%&%$%#()*(%^$!!!!!!!! Even worse, when I went to go and try and figure out why, I decided to delete my LJ from their accounts (because it shows as eligible for some opps when the blog I am using isn't), and I wound up deleting the wrong account! GAH!!! So now I have to go through the approval process all over again... *headdesk*

SocialSpark is just as frustrating. I can't find any info on why I'm not qualified to take opps and I can't find any info on how I get paid and when.

And ChaCha? I'm supposed to take tests to qualify, and when I follow the links to the tests, they tell me the email address is already registered. Duh. To me. Then I try to log on and I can't find the place to take the tests. I send a plea for help. They send me a place to log in for the tests, but my password is invalid and there's no place to get it reset. Again I ask for help and I get a link to have it emailed to me. What happens then? It says, "Sorry, we couldn't find your account." Shoot me.

So here it is Thursday and I'm just waiting for them all to get they're acts together so I can make some money to make up for being forced to take this week off...

*deep breath* Everything. Will. Be. O. K. Everything will be ok. Everything-will-be-ok, everythingwillbeok, everythingwillbeokeverythingwillbeokeverythingwillbeok....

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  1. Have you tried exploring for more similar services today? I know I could be late, but there are good sites now that offer the services you want. The “pay per post” service is a good opportunity that you shouldn’t let pass…
    -Alice Leighton


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