Monday, July 09, 2012

Gratitude & more

So for the past few months, over on FB, I've been doing a short little daily gratitude post before I sign off for the night.  I started ... oh around February ... nothing set in stone, nothing I force myself to do, I do miss days, and while at first I tried to catch up, I eventually realized that's not the point.  The point is what was happening to me throughout the day.  I would notice all these wonderful tiny things I used to take for granted, and basically ignore because I was so wrapped up in how bad everything else was going.  And on days when things seemed absolutely miserable, I made myself find just a few things to be grateful for.  The color of the sky on the way to work, the tastiness of the lunch Jacqueline made for me, Jacqueline's smile when I came home, the car getting me to work, heat in the house... very basic things some of them, but reminding myself that even when I felt *really* low, I still had things to find gratitude for, really changed my perspective...

Anyway, long story short, I decided I'd post them HERE as well, as just a beginning, to dip my toes back in the blogging waters...  And mebbe even to expand a bit!  So here is tonight's post, with some extra flair!  ^-^

Soooo... today I was gonna get organized. 

I was gonna schedule art and writing and job searching and clean my desk and art table and ... wait... aren't those ALWAYS on my list???  Yeah...

I failed. 

HOWEVER, I did mail out 3 packages (I sold 3 out of 4 things I placed on eBay, YAY!), get some shopping done, make roasted garlic (omg yum), and roasted garlic hummus (omg I feel like I ate a whole head of garlic but it was so good!), and open a coconut (Woot!  With a hammer!) and extract *some* of the meat (hardest part!).  Many thanks to Jacqueline for taking over the job, AND, despite getting cut, not once, but twice, continuing to persevere til the job was done.  *I* would have given up long before, and in fact I did! (And yes I have kissed the boo-boos and bandaged them...)

Today I also have gratitude for helpful friends (I got some treatments to try on my hairs to hopefully strengthen & moisturize them), cooler temps (perfect!), the veeries and chipping sparrows and goldfinches and hummingbirds (I so love the hearing & seeing them...), Bette Midler (watched Beaches & Gypsy tonight), and Wegman's Mojito Sorbet which tastes just as awesome as Baskin Robbins Daquiri Ice that I've not been able to find since they left the area... ^o^  (I think it's a dupe as they say in the nail polish world!)

So tell me...

What made your day awesome-sauce today?

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  1. Great gratitudes! We're having technical difficulties at the day job today, but a coworker sharing her homemade cherry pie certainly helped quell some of the frustration.


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