Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Goddess Circle with Leonie

I have been following the Goddess Leonie for several years and her excitement and positivity never fails to encourage me to DO more and her honesty and frankness helps me to BE more.  And for a long time now I have wanted to join her Goddess Circle, but so far it hasn't meant to be; just look at how awesome it is...

The Goddess Circle is a powerful & comprehensive program to help transform your business AND your whole life!  Here is what Leonie says you can expect:
1. a business that is growing rapidly + totally in alignment with your soul's purpose
2. a wildly productive, block-free, self-judgement-free creative practice
3. health + radiance like you've never experienced before
4. a home that no longer drags you down with negative energy or clutter
5. a proven system of planning out your goals + making them come true
6. thousands of women (soul sisters!) you can receive support + inspiration + mastermind with in our private forums
7. levels of inner peace + happiness you haven't experienced before.
As you can see the Goddess Circle is so much more than a virtual women's group; you get audio mediations, illustrated workbooks, e-courses, tips... "Everything you need to live, work, play & create like the Goddess you’re becoming." 

And for just a few more days you can get it with the Early Bird price!  On July 3rd the price will DOUBLE!  So if you're interested at all in taking advantage of this incredible package (over $900 of creativity, spirituality + business e-courses for $99!!!), go now and sign up!

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