Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food! And links to recipes!

So let me tell you about this FOOD we had yesterday!

First JoAnn made this delish Jalapeño Popper Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese and although I was a leeetle worried about the jalapeños & hot sauce making it too hot, but it was PERFECT!  We made it without the chicken, but next time she's going to add it, and we totally skipped the corn flake topping and used french fried onions and ... omg, we found french fried jalapeños!  And of course with it, Jacqueline made delicious buttermilk dinner buns to go with it.

And then, I finally got around to making this Homespun Clementine Cake which was so incredibly easy to make!  But definitely needs some changes.  First of all, the whipped topping with added sugar.  Ew.  Too sweet.  I think the recipe I found was written wrong, and they meant just plain whipped heavy cream with nothing added, then mix the sugar & vanilla in, OR use non-dairy whipped topping.  Do not add more sugar to your store-bought whipped topping...

And I think if clementines aren't available, as they USUALLY aren't in the summer around here, you can substitute canned mandarin oranges, drained & chopped of course.  You might even be able to substitute the liquid from the mandarin oranges for the OJ... ^-^

And I heartily apologize for no pics of them, but I was too busy eating!  LOL!

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