Saturday, March 29, 2008

How we spent Earth Hour 2008...

Earth Hour was so much fun that we made it Earth Hour and a half! LOL!

We lit a bunch of candles and played Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition with teams: Emma & Esme, me & JoAnn, Jacqueline & Lia, and Ant refused to have a teammate. First we read the rules in the dark, because it's ever so slightly different from the Genus Editions, and hashed out some details, then got to playing! Emma & Esme dominated the game to begin, and we were worried no one else would get to play! However, they did eventually get a question wrong and we all got to play.

A little after 9 we decided to turn the lights on so we could read better, but we kept playing a bit longer. Eventually though, we all got tired so we ended it as a 3 way tie with everyone but Esme & Emma having one piece. They did the best though really, getting more questions right in a row every turn than anyone else did, just never on a "Category Headquarters" spot... LOL!

I really think we need to make game night, with Emma too, a regular event...

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