Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Great Egg Drop

Jacqueline & I dropped eggs around Syracuse yesterday! ^_^

The Great Egg Drop

What? Creating "Ostara" eggs and placing them within your community
Where? Wherever you are!
When? Any day before or on March 21, 2008

What you will need: Bright-colored plastic eggs; the Ostara info page, printed out

Ostara and Easter both share the symbol of the egg. Easter, being a more mainstream holiday, is recognized easily and celebrated by many, however not many people know about Ostara - what it is or why people celebrate it. This is where you come in!

Place the information page (cut in half) into a plastic egg (available at most stores this time of year). Fill as many as you wish to. Then, keeping in mind littering laws, environmental conservancy and private property, leave these eggs where they may be easily found by the public.

Sound like fun? A few ideas of where to place the eggs include:

- the library
- the grocery store
- the mall
- coffee shops
- brochure stands
- health food/spirituality stores
- sporting events
- theater events
- public restrooms

The possibilities are endless! If you are uncertain if you are allowed to leave an egg, simply ask the proprietor of the establishment.

Again, please keep in mind that we do not promote any acts of littering or violations of private property. Also, please do not place the eggs where they will not be found. The key here is education - we want the community to find the eggs, read their contents and come to a better understanding of Ostara - and, perhaps through that, Paganism.

Find more information at Spiria...

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