Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Holiday Meme

From Traipsing About Granby...

1. Real tree or artificial?
Real! There is nothing better in my opinion. We buy from local small businesses when we can afford to buy one, and after the season we set it out near the bird feeder as an extra shelter for the birds. In the spring it is part of one of our ritual bonfires, whichever one happens after most of the snow has melted, usually the Equinox, but it has been as early as Imbolc or as late as Beltaine.

2. When do you put up the tree?
Depends on my mood, or the money situation, or when we can find a free day... Ok, usually I just let Jacqueline decide... ^_^

3. When do you take down the tree?
One year I kept it up til February. We had cut it ourselves late in December, and it didn't lose any needles til almost Valentine's Day I think. But my answer's the same as #2 for this one: I let Jacqueline decide... XD

4.Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Depends on what the gift is, but generally I like wrapping no matter what, even when in a gift bag.

5. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Whenever I see something I think someone might like, but lately there's not been much shopping, just creating...

6. Who is the hardest person to buy for?
My dad. Even when I think my gift is going to be great, I only get a mediocre reception; so i think all my gifts to him must be crap.

7. Easiest person to buy for?
My mom. She doesn't care what it is, she loves anything I give her...

8. Angel on top of the tree, or star?
I've always been a star kinda person, but I got a beautiful *angel* one year that had sparkly faerie wings, and I like to put her up sometimes, but Jacqueline has a beautiful gold filigreed star, I really like that too...

9. What is the worst Christmas gift you ever got?
Duct tape and an extension cord.

10. What is the best gift you received as a child?
I don't really remember... I remember getting Barbie things a lot, books, clothes, records & tapes when I got older... I do remember one year, all I asked for was a Big Blue Bear for Christmas to replace a stuffed animal I had lost when I was just a toddler. I did get a big fluffy light blue teddy bear, but later I found pictures of me with the Big Blue Bunny that I had really been trying to replace. (I wrote about it here.)

11. What is your favorite food to eat at Christmas time?
COOKIES! All kinds of Christmas cookies - cut outs and peppermint twists, chocolate chip and gingersnap, peanut butter kiss and thumbprint, snickerdoodles and chocolate crinkles, pfeffernusse and pepperkaker... - and chocolaty treats like truffles and chocolate dipped fruitcake... Gingerbread with real whipped cream... Peppermint candy canes, ribbon candy, chocolate filled straw candy... nutcracker sweet tea, cinnamon buns, french toast, waffles... Oh wait.. you said "at Chistmas time" ... XD

12. What do you want for Christmas this year?
The bills paid. Better than any tangible gift: knowing that we would have enough money to pay rent, electricity (which runs our heat, water, food, phone...), car insurance, and internet, and still have money for toiletries, and other necessities... it would mean so much more to me than anything that might be wrapped and put under the tree... (*ahem* Donate button on to the right... --->)

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