Monday, December 06, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 6

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Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day

The phone rang way early. It was for a sub position today, but I already have a half day elsewhere. So I tried to get back to sleep. I slept fitfully and woke up several hours later from disturbing dreams to the sounds of Jacqueline shoveling the driveway. (She spoils me so.) I tried to go back to sleep because I had another hour before I had to, but truthfully I had slept enough.

So I got up. My weight is the lowest it's been since starting this diet in March: 183.6. I was hovering around here back in mid-October, but I gained about 5 pounds when I went to ARGH - and I always gain a little before my period - and it's taken til now to get back down.

Then I showered and started putting on layers. Sadly my work clothes don't leave much room for things like long underwear or extra shirts underneath, so I may get frostbite on the way to work. XD But I love how I look in these clothes. Black pin-stripe dress pants, black loafers with a buckle, and my colorful red sweater with the big cowl neck. Two pairs of socks allow me to just barely fit into the shoes, but my feet shall be warm, and I have on my leg warmers which will keep me warm to the knee - in theory. I'll wear my big shaggy black sweater over the red one for warmth, but probably take it off when I take off my coat; it's pretty bulky and awkward.

Then I had some breakfast: a 2-egg mushroom & cheese fritatta and a cup of coffee.

~ w. o. r. k. ~ b. r. e. a. k. ~

The drive to school wasn't too bad. I am glad I left early though, as it was slow-going. It did take my toes quite a while to warm up once I got there though. I signed in and was directed to the right room where I conferred with the regular Art teacher about the day's schedule. She finished up with that period's class which was in the computer lab, as was the next period, which was also run by the computer lab teacher, while I just wandered about helping kids who needed help. (Not many.)

The next two periods were the art teacher's planning period and lunch; so after checking in the office if there was something else they needed me to do (there wasn't), I hung out in the faculty room, ate my snackish-sorta lunch (a bottle of diet cherry pepsi, a little cheese, some cocoa almonds, and oh yum! A chocolate-covered peppermint Oreo!) and read a book (Wonderland - good BTW!).

Then I headed to the next class, which was a study hall period. Since there wasn't much for me to do there other than babysit, I spent the time sketching. I drew a bunny reading a book on a bookmark-sized piece of watercolor paper, and a monkey for one of the students who had been hanging out at the table with me.

The last period was an actual art class! The students were creating a "musical landscape" (a landscape scene meeting certain requirements inspired by one of 3 pieces of music) with glue as the medium today. After it dries they'll be coloring it with oil pastels. They were all pretty creative despite not liking any of the pieces the teacher let them choose from. (One was the X-Files Theme which none of them knew! I felt so OLD!)

When the final bell rang, I cleaned up the room a bit then bundled up for the cold ride home. It was STILL snowing out there! Walking through the parking lot was mushy slushy crap, and the roads were just as snowy as before. But it was definitely warmer because even though I could see my breath, I could also still feel my toes when I got home. XD

I love coming home to my family. The driveway seemed hardly snowy at all. Jacqueline met me at the door, and I asked if anyone had gotten the mail yet. Silly me, I didn't notice the flag was still up and the mail hadn't come yet! LOL! But it's such a pretty walk in the snow... ^-^

Jacqueline and I chatted for a while with Lia too off & on, then I had a cup of coffee and checked my email. A little while later Jacqueline brought me a little snack (iced herbal tea and some very interesting meat & cheese roll-ups) while checked my deviantART and a few other websites...

Then I popped in New Moon. Yesterday, I watched Twilight, and tomorrow, I'll be watching Eclipse. That'll be the movie where she decides she's poly and can date both Jacob and Edward, right? XD Yes, I've read the books. I know they're bad, and the movie is full of bad acting, but I like it. So :P* ...

~ m. o. v. i. e. ~ b. r. e. a. k. ~

I had some dinner while watching New Moon (frozen stuffed chicken breast, some brussels sprouts, and another glass of tea) and got a call for 2 half days and a full day for the rest of the work. (Cross your fingers for work on Friday too!) Then Lia & I watched 102 Dalmatians (We watched 101 Dalmatians yesterday.), and I did some studying for my Foundations of Research course. Yay! Oh and I got some dessert! Some delicious old-fashioned Watergate Salad! Ours has maraschino cherries instead of pecans... Yum!

Then I did more studying for this test until I was very nearly falling asleep and the words were blurring on the screen. Then I knew it was time for bed. So I shut everything off and crawled into bed with my love for a long winter's nap (or will in one moment)... Zzzzzz...

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